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Future Diary

July 26, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       Yukiteru Amano is a 14 year old recluse who spends most of his time writing in his Diary on his cell phone, with his only friends being those he imagines. To Yuki’s surprise these imaginary friends turn out to be the god of space and time Deus Ex Machina and his assistant Muru Muru. Deus grants Yuki a wonderful ability, his phone can now predict the future. Unknowingly, Yuki just accepted to be a part of a twisted survival game, between him and 11 other players who have also been granted “Future Diaries”.  The rule of the game is simple, eliminate the other diary holders and win the chance at becoming the next god. Yuki’s only chance at survival is teaming up with another contestant by the name of Yuno Gasai, a yandere.

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  • Japanese: ζœͺζ₯ζ—₯記 Hepburn: Mirai Nikki
  • Japanese Manga written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Romance
  • Manga has 12 Volumes
  • Anime has 26 episodes +OVA
  • Live Action Tv Drama has 11 episodes that has an original plot, different from the main series.  
  • Side story Manga (Future Diary: Mosaic/Paradox/Redial) with 3 volumes that focus on Minene Uryu, Aru Akise and Muru Muru (alternate timeline), and an epilogue to the series.
  • Each diary varies in properties and functions depending on the holder’s personality, occupation and lifestyle. All the diaries have their pro’s and cons, some more so than others, and can be used without the diary owner’s consent should they fall into another’s hands. Because the diaries are written from the perspective of the holder’s future self, the future can still be misinterpreted and the diary entries can then turn out to be inaccurate. Each of the diaries have become the diary holder’s future, so if the diary itself is destroyed or broken, so too is the holder’s future.

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       Future Diary is definitely a favorite, I really enjoy the series and the story that comes with it. I’m always up for a survival series, especially one in which the main character depends on a cute psychotic character. It’s a really fun series to watch. Every time I call my cats name “Yuki” I always remember Future Diary, haha, his name didn’t come from it though. The series really threw me for a loop at the end, I couldn’t have expected those turn of events but none the less I was pleased. If you like crazy Yandere characters, and survival games this is a series you should check out.

       I have high hopes that some day I will run into the manga, so I can finally own and read it.πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ  I saw the sub and the dub, I like both of them but I like Japanese Yuno more. She sounds way more psychotic and I love the way she says “Yuki”. 

Ps. Minene Uryuu is my second favorite character in the series besides Yuno. 

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Storage Horror’s: The End

July 24, 2019 | Lifestyle | No Comments

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       Now for the moment you have all waited for, the real tea of working in storage. Let me tell you about all the horrible situations I had to go through on a daily basis. Well not all, but some of them. This one is a long one since I will end the series here, but I promise its worth it! I included pictures! 

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       Let me start by saying that when you initially go in to apply, interview, and start there they mention that it will be light cleaning work. Which meant you had to clean the office, the restroom and the units and you think to yourself really how dirty can it all be. They don’t tell you that you will have to deal with the most disgusting situations, nor do you get trained to deal with them, they just throw you into it and you gotta hope for the best.

      The people who rented at that location, and the passer bys were the most vile, I had ever encountered. Finding pee at this location was the daily norm. Bottles overflowing with urine, the smell alone would nauseate you. You would find pee on top of belongings, box’s and all you had was gloves and pray that none would fall on you. Nothing was safe, you had to assume that everything had pee! There was no way it could be tea or any other liquid. You would find it in ziplock bags, and the worst of it all would be when I found it inside a kids pencil box. I’ve had pee all over me and I would die on the inside. People pooped inside trashcans too!

       The worst of it all, is the poop. I had to go in to work fearing that it would be another shitty day. You don’t get taught how to deal with this, you don’t get warned, you’re just expected to do it with gloves and what ever your wit can think of. Naturally I couldn’t even deal with it, I was puking inside my mouth and of course always got chewed out for not doing it. 

        There was a day in which my coworker and I had to deal with it and we had never been subjected to such grotesque work.  We both agreed to do it together, since we wouldn’t dream of doing it alone. We had to get smart, we decided we would get a broom and push it all into a container. Safe to say, we tried but couldn’t finish the job, and then I vowed I would never attempt to do that again. Tough Shit because we had chronic shitters to deal with. They would do it anywhere! in the halls, in the corner, in the parking lot, anywhere! It was a real nightmare! Someone had suggested that the best way to deal with it is to grab it all with cardboard, but for that you’d have to get up close and personal. No thank you!

        This job should really provide a disclaimer, or at the very least the proper training for the job! You can find pee in these images, and I used to have many others. 

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        At another location, they had a woman who would always clog their toilet. They banned her, all for her and her daughter to show up at their parking lot demanding entrance. The worker who found them had to witness the mother crouched down with a paper bag and you guessed it, she was taking a shit! But thanks to this encounter, I got to hear my favorite quote that came from the daughter. “If you’re gonna treat my mom like an animal, she’s gonna shit like one!” haha the best thing I’ve ever read of an encounter for that company and I will never forget it.

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       I have another poop story for you guys, and I think this one is probably the worst one. So we would always have problems with our toilets/plumbing. People were always shoving things down the toilet that they shouldn’t like a towel, socks, etc. This all eventually caused our sump pump to stop working. It was out for weeks, almost months and we had to deal with so many pissed off customers. The basement where it was located, smelled terribly. I hated being down there and I felt bad for the customers that rented down there.

       It got to the point where it started to leak and you guessed it, shit and piss everywhere. At first the leakage was small, but then it started to go into the units next to it causing the clients things to get damaged. The higher up’s did not want to tell the client the truth. His very expensive and vintage comic books were ruined, his couch ruined, and everything in there was probably ruined. He was told that it was just a leak, shady shit.

      As luck would have it, it kept happening to the point where the truth had to be known. To a point where we were ordered to close off the basement, it was deemed unsafe to enter. The leakage was worsening day by day. Not even people who were hired wanted to deal with the horror’s they found in the basement.  There was shit and piss everywhere, I will never be able to free my mind of the images, the smell. 

      Higher ups forced me and others to go down there and attempt to clean it, when it was deemed unsafe and after hours. No protection other than the thinnest face mask, and gloves. No other protection, other than a warning to try and not get any on you. Only vacuums and mops to assist in the cleaning. 

      I did as much as I was able to, at the end of it all, my will had died. I told myself that I could not put up with the things I went through on the daily. I went to my coworkers apartment that night and drank and tried to forget. Her and I took a stand and told higher ups we would never do that again, when it was unsafe, and we wernt trained or prepared. 

      The sump pump kept leaking and the legal team for the company advised us not to get near it, after being forced to do it before. The company had a cleaner come in once and never again. The person in charge said why higher someone when we were there and could do it for free. A terrible idea, but I nor my coworker helped out as much as it was hinted for us to help out. I’m traumatized.  

      These photos are when the issue was just beginning, it only got worse, thank your eyes that I didn’t get a photo.

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       Drugs were a big thing at that location, and again we were not warned, prepared, or trained. You would constantly see the tiniest ziplock bags all over the floor. You would constantly find needle caps and the worst, the needles. You never knew where they would be, and there was the constant fear that you would accidentally get pricked.  You had to clean the units and that’s when you would fear it, with the thinnest gloves.

       In the photo below you can find some of the needles that were found in an abandoned unit. Some where in bags, others just laying around, with other drug paraphernalia. The facility had no bin or procedures on what to do with them. When reaching out to higher ups, they said to just put them in a box, in a room until they say other wise. They remained there still when I left, someone could very well harm themselves and get sick.

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         Everything that could go wrong with that place did. Their elevators would always stop working, customers would get trapped plenty of times. Their gates never worked to keep the facility safe. Their office doors didn’t even have the proper mechanism to help it close safely. It slammed on my finger cutting into it, it was agonizing pain. The AC stopped working for over 3 months and we were forced to work in the blazing heat.

        The photos under are the makeshift things we had to do to keep slightly cool. A small AC unit that couldn’t even cool half the office, everyday we had to pull this in and out. One day that I did, the wind forced the door shut on my finger. I still have a bump/scar from it, and I was forced to work through the pain afterwards. 

       Peep my stitches and my Frankenstein finger at the end too, luckily I didn’t lose it!

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      In continuation to things constantly breaking, let me tell you about one of the biggest hazards and safety issue. The staircases in the facility are unsafe. The wheels are coming off, they wobble when you’re on them and they are falling apart! Especially after higher ups had a worker modify them when it is not OSHA approved. It got to a point where someone actually got hurt! They were lucky that it didn’t turn into a big thing. Higher ups did nothing but hide the really messed up ones in units, or try to make the rest of them less noticeable but still kept them on the floor because buying new ones was way too expensive.

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       Safety was a huge issue, there were incredibly violent characters. I have had people threaten me countless times, I had called the police more times than I can count. I have had a man walk into the office and close the door behind him without saying a word. I have had people come up to me and tell me they were planing to hit me if I called the police. I have had to see a man run from another into our office because he was going to get stabbed. These are just some of the instances of many. 

       Let me tell you about two of the most notable situations. This one I happened to see on the surveillance camera, before I had started working there. An elderly man on the floor on his back, unable to get up to his walker. Another man starts to beat him, drag him and abuse him for a while. The man grabs the one on the floors shopping cart and pushes it into the elevator and leaves with it. He then comes back and drags the old man into the elevator, he then grabs his walker and starts beating him with it. It shifts to another camera view, now they are at ground level and the altercation is still happening. Plenty of people just pass by, until someone finally decides to chime in and call the police.

       Occurrences like this happen often, the place has no security. The only security shows up at 10/11pm sometimes, to just peek through the floors and leaves. They don’t properly check the floors. The employees serve as the security from 9:30-6pm, but that leaves the other hours open. Employees can’t walk the floors constantly with all the other work they have to do. Plus they are short staffed, two people or 3 if you’re lucky to take care of all 4 floors. 

       Security camera’s are limited and are only at certain areas that do no good with security. The higher ups don’t want to pay for more camera’s or security so everyone who rents there is basically unsafe. Employees can’t even carry anything for self defense.

       Another instance is when I got called, after hours. I had to go to work in my PJ’s because the police were called. This wasn’t the first time. I arrive at the scene with trash all over the floor and a man on the floor, shirtless with his gut hanging. Apparently he had slashed the tires of all the vans, and buses because he thought they were going to kidnap his girlfriend. All these cars belong to people who rent there. This man had a track record for violence. He had put dents into unit doors, in fits of anger. He constantly had domestic disputes. This man was just a ticking time bomb for worse to happen. 

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       Let’s end this with a bang and continue on with safety. Theft was a big part, it constantly happened. There was people who would use make shift fishing poles to fish items out. There was an incident where a man broke a woman’s car window’s, stole her phone, wallet, etc. He then claimed that he thought it was his aunts car. 

       The worst one by far was done by a woman named Alicia, she looked perfectly normal. She committed a series of thefts, for months. Units were broken into, locks broken, and replaced with new ones. Things went missing and were found in other units. We knew it was her but there was nothing that could be done unless she was actually caught in the act. 

       The lack of security and the lack of cameras made it very difficult to catch her. It went on for months, and we constantly had to deal with the customer’s who were affected. It didn’t help that the locks they had used were easily breakable, it didn’t help that they had no insurance or the least amount with valuables stored and stolen.

      Countless nights were spent trying to catch her in the act, I had to go after hours. The cops would not arrest her or place her under a tress pass warning unless she was caught in the act. Eventually our late nights paid off and she was caught stealing more items and was arrested. Apparently she does this as a profession, island hops and always gets away with it.

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        That is the end for now, thanks for reading this really long post and enjoying the pictures. This place should really be shut down, it’s a hazard. If you ever get offered a job there, flee! Make sure you check out the places you’re looking into renting! I probably have PTSD from working at this place. πŸ˜ͺ

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Happy Sugar Life

July 22, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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      Satō Matsuzaka is a cute, popular high school girl with a dream of having a Happy Sugar Life. She has searched for the object of her affection through countless boy’s with no luck. Until Shio comes into her life, with her dreams finally coming true she will do anything to protect it no matter the cost…..even murder. 

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  • Japanese: γƒγƒƒγƒ”γƒΌγ‚·γƒ₯ガーラむフ Hepburn: HappΔ« Shugā Raifu
  • Japanese manga written and illustrated by Tomiyaki Kagisora 
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Manga has 10 volumes
  • Volume one is currently out with Volume 2 set to release in August
  • Anime has 12 episodes

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       I first picked up the series on one of my many Barnes and Noble trips, the cute cover got my attention so of course I picked it up. As you all know I don’t flip through the books, Instead I glanced at the back and was sold with “murder” in bold letters. I’m a sucker for a cute cover and the promise of murder. 

         Volume one had recently been released at B&N, with only one volume out so far I can’t say if I like or don’t at the moment. I’m certainly in for a really fucked up Journey, I’m all interested to see where the series goes with all this. I’ll try to get my hands on volume two in August! If you like really fucked up anime/manga then join me on this wild ride of a series! I’ll keep you guys updated when volume two is in my hands!

         Spoilers: I have several thoughts on the series though and with that there will probably be spoilers of the first volume. At first I assumed that Shio was her little sister with all the love she felt for her, so far the affection she has for her still comes off sisterly to me. Turns out she actually kidnapped Shio. I’m gonna go on believing it’s sisterly and not something worse. Daichi, her teacher’s obsession for her was super weird and I really didn’t think it was necessary but we’ll see what happens with that. I was really hoping she’d kill the sick bastard. Now I feel really bad for Taiyō since he got held captive and raped by his boss but god damn why did he have to turn into a sick pedophile. I’m really hoping he get’s killed too haha. The boss was super fucked up too! To summarize all this, everyone is this series is really fucked up! 


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Made in the Abyss

July 19, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       A giant pit in the middle of the town of Orth is known as the Abyss. Many of the levels beneath are left unexplored, with relics, lost civilizations and extraordinary creatures. Not many are able to explore the depths of the Abyss, those brave enough are known as Cave Raiders. They are the brave adventurers that venture into the Abyss to bring back relics but venturing is everything but easy.

        Reiko lives at Belchero orphanage that teach their orphans everything they need to know about cave raiding, which opens the path to becoming one in the future. She dreams of becoming a White Whistle just like her mother, Lyza. Reiko takes the first step when discovering a strange robot boy on one of her expeditions, this may be the start of the exciting adventure she has been craving her whole life!

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  • Meido in Abisu
  • A Manga web series by Akihito Tsukushi and published by Takeshobo
  • Published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment with 8 volumes
  • Anime with 13 episodes and a sequel film to be released in 2020
  • Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • “The Curse of The Abyss” is something Cave Raiders must face upon ascension and can prove to be fatal. The deeper a cave raider goes, the more severe the effects of the curse.
  • Few who have descended to lower regions have returned 
  • Cave Raiders are distinguished by ranks (Whistles they carry)
  • Bell: Novices, those who are learning and have yet to adventure into the Abyss. Bells are usually given to young children.
  • Red Whistles: Apprentices, are rookies that have a decent amount of knowledge about the Abyss and have ventured at least into the first level. Going any further qualifies as rebellions and a rescue party is sent to retrieve them.  (Red Whistles who venture to the 2nd layer are labeled as suicide, and rescue parties are called off)
  • Blue Whistles: Adepts, more experienced who have managed to prove themselves as cave raiders. They are allowed to adventure down to the second layer. Blue whistles are capable of adequate self defense against some creatures in the Abyss. 
  • Moon Whistles: They are proficient cave raiders and have an extensive knowledge of the Abyss. They can venture down to the 3rd and 4th layer. Moon Whistles are often teachers that guide the newer generations.
  • Black Whistles: Experts, Incredibly talented Cave Raiders that have mastered many techniques of delving. They can venture to the 4th and 5th layers of the Abyss. At this depths ascension can cause insanity. Black whistles sometimes work under white whistles and assist in their expeditions. 
  • White Whistles: Legendary Cave Raiders, that have made life changing achievements with their discoveries. They are historically celebrated figures amongst the town. They are also granted titles (“sovereign of” or “lord of”) to fit with their unique persona. Any information that comes from a white whistle is considered a fact. They have no depth limit but are not imune to the curse, many keep to the 5th floor. Those that venture to the 6th, it is dubbed their Last Dive, and it is the most important mile stone to their career, since they are venturing into new untouched territory. 

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       When I first heard about the series, I didn’t think much of it, I thought it looked too cutesy and over looked it. It wasn’t until I sat down with my friends and had a good chat about recommendations that my interest got peaked. I looked everywhere for the series and struggled to find it, until I saw that VRV carried it through Hi Dive. HI DIVE has really awesome selection of Dub anime! and sub too, plus you get crunchy roll with it! 

       I gave two episodes a shot and sadly wasn’t too into it, I thought the series was going pretty slow for my taste. I stopped watching it for a while until I decided to give it another try. I pushed past the second episode, and I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely got better, it got interesting, and it even got dark! I wasn’t prepared for what the series was going to do to me.

       As the series went on, the story got a lot more deep and a hell of a lot darker than what it started with. It developed into something more than just cute looking characters. I found myself worried for the characters, sad when certain dark events happened and at some point I even got sucked into the whole series that when I reached the end I thought “Now What?”

        I’m super excited for the sequel film that releases in 2020, I can’t wait to see what happens to all the characters and if they get to have a happy ending, at this point it can go either way. I suggest you give it a shot, stick around for more than a couple episodes and you too will be pleasantly surprised!

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        No trailer, the ones I found online are filled with huge spoilers. Enjoy the really awesome opener! ❀

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Storage Horror’s: The Tenants (Pt. 2)

July 17, 2019 | Lifestyle | No Comments

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       It’s time for the second part of the tenants part of the storage life tell all. Well the parts I remember anyway, haha. Let’s dive in!

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       Let’s start with the really bad ones, Mike and Javier. Javier only had one eye, always referred to me as “mami” (Puerto Rican) and always moved his lips in opposite directions. I had to rent to the man and our first interaction wasn’t very pleasant. In the elevator he hit the wall with his fist as he was telling me a story about some disagreement. As weird and as uncomfortable as he made me, the man still had some respect for me.

       Mike was a white man who was heavily on drugs and would be the aggressive type. My first encounter with the man was when he came into the office for some reason and randomly became irate and caused a huge commotion to the point we did not feel safe. We terminated his lease immediately. Months passed and he came to rent again, we decided to give him that one chance to redeem himself, since he looked in a better mind set. 

        There was a time where Mike had been on drugs and kept following me around the halls, I decided to go back to my office and he followed to the elevator. You could tell that I was uncomfortable, this is when Javier saw and decided to come along, he then made conversation with me to make sure I was okay. We all went into the office, and mike made yet another scene, a burst of rage to the point where we had to call the police and they escorted him out. After this we didn’t see him for a while.

      The next time I saw Mike was on the most extreme case. I had clients who wanted to see a unit, as I was showing them a unit we saw Mike walking through the halls multiple times, already making my customers uncomfortable. I brought them back into the office and that is when everything went south. Across from me was my Aussie co worker and another co worker. Javier and a woman come to them and tell them that Mike had threatened to take out his other eye with his drum stick and how he tried to stab the woman before.

      All this lead to the cops being called, Mike was brought in for questioning. They asked him if he was on drugs, if he wanted to hurt himself, or if he wanted to hurt others. He agreed to the part of wanting to hurt others. Javier walked in to use the restroom and that’s when they began to threaten one another again, the cops had to force Javier out of the office. 

    My Aussie co worker went to the back to talk with our district manager about the situations, and to discuss terminating the lease. I had previous experience with some of the steps, so I decided to excuse myself from my clients to go explain it to her. I handed them off to my other co worker while I went to the backroom to tell her an important step. As we were talking we witness the cops take Mike down to the ground, all of them piling on top of him. (He was a big guy) Apparently he had said something to my other coworker and lunged at her.

      Glad I left so I’m safe from scary situations like this, but when this happened. I expressed how I was not comfortable with him renting with us anymore, I told the DTL/Current manager of my concerns. She dismissed them and said as long as my other co worker was okay with it he could stay. Makes sense right? To keep an aggressive, drug affected person with a track record of violence. It’s important to note that Javier got kicked out just for sleeping. 

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       Ray, an older man who was obviously homeless. He would hang out by his unit blocking the hall. People would constantly complain and he would never move for the handicap. He would leave his items out in the hall, unattended with signs “I’ll be back”. He would have his good moments but then he would randomly snap. You never expected it from someone who looked as he did. There was a time where he came into our office and began yelling at us for who knows what and even threw his sun glasses at us. Then went on to say that we owed him another pair of designer sunglasses for the ones that just broke. Keep in mind that the sunglasses he had were from the drug store. haha

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       Roberta, a french woman that I could barley understand, she spoke so fast and her accent was thick. She first arrived with a man in a fancy sports car, so we really thought nothing of it. Until things took a turn, she would constantly leave a mess in the halls. Things everywhere, and every time we would ask her to stop and put them inside, she would argue. She would leave random items all over, a microwave, bottles, clothes, bra’s, a bike, you name it. She would even smoke and leave her buds everywhere, she would stay over night when she shouldn’t. It got to the point where we had to give her a final warning. The day we did, is the day she said we were violating her rights, that she was abducted by aliens, and was a part of human trafficking. She was nuts, eventually she stopped paying and we had to lock her out of her unit. That didn’t stop her, she snuck in and cute the wiring at the top of her unit and would sneak in.  Roberta was such a pain to deal with. That and she would leave suitcases filled with shit. 

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       Interesting personalities: 

      Julian was a person who would hang out in his unit 7 feet above, with his legs dangling and his legs spread while wearing a skirt. They also had porn all over their unit door for all to see, people would constantly complain. I also believe Julian had multiple personalities or something along those lines since I would hear him talk to himself in different voices, claimed to go places but never did (I’m assuming that one personality did).

      A flamboyant man who rented in the basement, I loved this guy. He was larger than life, and was really living his best life. He was a performer, he did not consider himself a drag queen but a personality. In his unit he had tons of colorful outfits, feathers, jewels and sequins. He once told me that he wanted “Everything on stilts” and would name a couple of things followed by on stilts. 

       Victoria, a very paranoid woman who had a really big unit with no organization. She had mountains of clothes and random objects on top of each other. She never paid her bill on time on purpose, she believed that this would cause her extra security. Since after a couple weeks without paying we would lock it. She told me she felt safer that way, she believed that someone was out to get her and would constantly have me cut the locks off her unit to replace them with new ones.

       Kevin, a taxis driver who annoyed the hell out of me. This man never paid his unit on time, constantly had late fees and would make it difficult when explaining the same thing over and over. He would constantly claim that he did not know he was late, or that there would be fees.(He’s always late, he knows) He had so many fees waved that we just couldn’t anymore, he would say how we were abusing his rights by not waiving his fees. After getting a no, he would keep trying. When it came time to paying his bill, he would come 5 min before closing to pay in all ones. 

       Fayanet was a paranoid woman who wreaked of cigarettes, and had long dirty nails. She would constantly tell me about how the government was watching her, how her phones were tapped, and so many other crazy stories. She would even tell me how she didn’t like my Aussie co worker because her people were at war with her. Then went on to tell me that I was going to get deported for being mexican. 

       Angela was a woman who rented on the 3rd floor, which mean there was rarely any traffic on that floor. She was a major alcoholic, with a boob bigger than the other. She would constantly fall asleep on the floor, and when I woke her up she went on to tell me she wasn’t sleeping. There were times when her partner even locked her out of their unit. I wish I could remember the crazy drunken stories she’d tell meπŸ˜‚ But all I can remember is that really big boob. 

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       Sophia, she will always be a pain in the ass. She was the one person I really hated and I would avoid her like the plague. Sophia would wear the most unflattering outfits, her ass would hang and her crotch would suffocate, infection waiting to happen haha  She would always come in with a hollier than thou attitude. She would come in with a credit card that was already broken and tapped together, which was a pain to deal with. She demanded it be swiped and nothing else, not even manually inputted. The card always gave trouble when swiping because of it’s condition, if it failed to go through, all hell would break loose. You had to pray that it went through the first time, she was the type of person you wanted out of there before you hit them.

       There was a time where she had insufficient funds and it was the worst thing that could ever happen because that meant it was my fault it didn’t go through. When advising she reach out to her bank to see if maybe they flagged us(A bs excuse) she flipped, saying she hadn’t been anywhere else. It got to the point where I had to ask her to leave or I’d have her escorted out because she was being unbearable. 

       She later came back to tell me she didn’t have enough money because she spent it at McDonalds. Every interaction with her was an unpleasant one. I had my moment of satisfaction though, one day she came in and she keeps all her 50cards wrapped around with rubber bands. It got to the point where one snapped in her face and I could not hide my joy!πŸ˜‚

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        The perverts: There was so many! Lucky for me I didn’t get many haha, hurray for being ugly! 

        Perverted Santa Claus, this man was a major creep to my best friend/co worker. He would spend countless hours, harassing her, talking about non sense. Even went out to say he was playing hard to get with her. The worst part of it all was when he told her that he was in the shower, naked and wet when he thought about her and paying his storage.πŸ˜…

       Another man who harassed her constantly. I was talking to her when he walked in and at my very own desk, he turned to look at me and told me he was gonna go ahead and ignore me to talk to her. Then went on to tell both of us that he thought he saw her running, because the back of the woman looked like her backside. Major cringe.

       My interaction with a creep was with the dude we called Frosted Tips. He had fuckin frosted tips and looked like he came out straight from the 90s. He supposedly owned a bar, and had a boat or what ever but he would hit on both of us. Frosted tip took it a step farther when I was on my way to the elevator, and he was with his friends. They all surrounded me and I swear I never felt more uncomfortable. He noticed my ring and asked me if I was married, and of course me being me, I had to be honest. I told him it wasn’t but it was a promise ring so we intend to. The audacity this man had was to tell me to leave my boyfriend, that he would treat me better. I laughed and said I highly doubted it and motioned away, he hugged me and then went on to firmly put his arms on my shoulders and creepily massaged my shoulders. I was dying inside, eventually I escaped and ran away as fast as I could. πŸ˜ͺ

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        One of my favorite stories is the one about Willi Moss. I hadn’t met the man but every time I would call his phone to remind him of his due date. Hilarity ensues when the VM came up “You have reached the legendary, the doctor, the king, the amazing, etc. Willi Moss” His titles went on for ages. (He was no doctor!πŸ˜‚) and then I actually met the man. One day I was patrolling the halls, when I noticed the lock wasn’t put on right on his unit. I figured I’d check, I lifted the unit door and there he was in all his glory. Laying on top of his garbage bags, in boxers, spread eagle. My poor eyes! but I will never forget that email!

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        The end, that’s all for now for the tenants. I’m getting older and my memory is fading. There are plenty other stories that I forgot or just didn’t put in, these people were really something else, especially in person! I will never forget, but I’m so glad I don’t have to see half of them ever again! If I remember any more I’ll add them later on or make a new addition. Next blog, I’m gonna talk about major incidents and all things wrong with the place! Stay tuned!

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The Promise Neverland

July 15, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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       The Promise Neverland takes place in the year 2045 with Emma, Norman, and Ray living in an orphanage with 37 other orphans. The orphans live a life of luxury with scrumptious food, clean clothes, comfortable beds, excellent education and an abundance of love from their care taker (Mother) Isabella. Gracefield house is the home where the orphans happily spend their days playing, growing, and learning until they find a new home. With only one rule in place, Never venturing far from the grounds or gate that connects the orphanage to the outside world. Two of the brightest children will soon discover the dark truth of Gracefield house and the outside world. 

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  • Japanese Manga written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu
  • 14 volumes, most recent 10 with Vol. 11 to release in August 
  • Licensed by Viz Media 
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller
  • Anime adaption of  12 episodes with season two set to release in 2020

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       The Promise Neverland was one of those series that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When reading the back of the manga, I wasn’t sure how dark the series was going to get. The series really does push it to a point that has you at the edge of your seat. I could never pin point what was going to happen and that makes for an amazing series. I was constantly feeling frustrated with some of the choices they made and didn’t, I was cheering for them every step of the way.

        One of the things that I really enjoy about the series is that it doesn’t get old. The story continues to deepen, even when you think it’s close to coming to an end, the material is constantly keeping you on your toes and wanting more. With volume 10 out and 11 set to be released in August, I’m incredibly excited to see what’s going to happen next!

         I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good twist to a story, if you want to get lost in a world filled with adventure, fantasy, thrills, and darkness. If reading isn’t your thing, the anime is just as great! I really loved how close they kept to the manga so far, and watching it all animated was really exciting! 

         Ps. Ray and Emma are my faves! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β€

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       Spoilers, obviously: This new arc of the series is a really good one, they do a really good job in keeping their reader hooked.We are at the point where there is more evil out there than just the orphanage, and the meat farm it was. Now they have to deal with monsters that hunt children for sport, and that in itself is super interesting.

         With the latest volume 10, Emma is still without her main group on the hunting ground. She is determined to end the hunt with her new pals once and for all, and hopes to return back to her family. The kids already have a plan ready to unleash, and now it’s time to execute it. They break up into groups so they can each take down one of the monsters, a difficult task since they are intelligent creatures who love the sport.

         There were casualties on both ends but I felt like the fighting lacked some unf, if you catch my drift. I feel like it got good near the very end, at that point I was like wait, don’t end now. πŸ˜‚ It ended right before the final show down got good. I’m interested to see what happens with Norman though, until August I guess!

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Beyond The Boundary

July 12, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       A Japanese light novel by Nagomu Torii, with illustrations by Tomoyo Kamoi that was later adapted into an anime series.

       The story starts off when Akihito Kanabara rushes to stop a bespectacle beauty from jumping off the school building. Mirai Kuriyama thanks him by impaling him with a weapon made from her own blood. Akihito is an immortal half Yomu, the offspring of a supernatural creature and a human. Mirai is a spirit world warrior, they specialize in hunting Yomu to keep the world safe, she is also the last of her clan with cursed blood. She takes advantage of this one of a kind opportunity to practice killing Yomu with Akihito as her subject. The series follows their adventures, the evolution of their relationship, and their fight against an even stronger Yomu “Beyond the Boundary”.

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  • Yomu are creatures that are the manifestation of negative human emotions.
  • The Series has a total of 12 episodes and two movies.
  • Beyond the Boundary: I’ll be here (Past) is the movies that takes place before the main series. It focuses on the first encounter Mitsuki and Hiroomi Nasee have with Akihito. (Mirai isn’t in this film)
  • Beyond the Boundary: I’ll be here (future) is the movie that takes place after the events of the main series. 
  • Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Fantasy, Romance, sight comedy

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       Beyond the Boundary will always be one of my favorite series. When I first saw it I was instantly hooked, I would frequently re watch the series. I recently re watched the main series and the movies that go along with it. Mirai is still one of my favorite female characters of all time, she is incredibly relate-able and adorable. I always rooted for the relationship between her and Akihito.  

       The English dub isn’t the best, it takes a bit to get used to and the voice actress for Mirai changes for the movies. Which can throw you off after getting used to her original voice. There is also a couple loose ends in the series that I will always want the answers to. Who is Akihito’s father? What’s the real deal with his mother? Those would be two things I was hoping I would get answered in the movies but no go. Besides these issues, the series is still amazing.

       The series does not have a happy ending, which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to anime, but really sad for the viewer after growing attached to them. I recommend this series highly, and it will always be a must watch!

       Ps. I love this anime so much, that I’ve always wanted the box set that comes with Mirai’s glasses. 😒 One day!

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       No trailer for this one, all the ones I find give too much away. So enjoy the intro!

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Storage Horror’s: The Tenants (Pt. 1)

July 10, 2019 | Lifestyle | No Comments

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       Hello everyone, I’m back with more storage stories! In this part I will tell you about all the crazy people I encountered working there, these are some of the most notable one’s in my memory. I can’t fit everyone so it’ll be broken down to the next blog.

       The storage facility I worked at was made up of 4 floors, the ground floor being the parking lot where you can store vehicles. The Basement that is non climate controlled (it’s fuckin hot!) and full of spiders. Third floor that has all the businesses and decent people. The second and fourth floor both have ground units, and units above those that require a stair case to access. These two floors hold all the questionable clients due to the smaller upper units that are easy to afford. 

        Let’s start off with people I’ve encountered that did not rent with me. There was a woman who every morning was found with a tent in front of our door. Asking her to move was always a huge fuss. I once was the first to get there, I saw her tent and naturally went to go look for her. The tent was empty, she shouts at me “Get the fuck away from there” Granted that it is way too early to deal with this crap, I told her that she was the one that needed to go away.πŸ˜‚ She giggles and says “Oh haha ok” She was such a weirdo, my other co worker always got into shouting matches with her. But the one who really takes the cake of crazy, is who I named “Marble nipples” I have plenty stories about this woman. 

         So marble nipples, is a small old shriveled woman who has lost all her marbles. She hangs out by the storage facility almost every day, and grumbles while flailing her arms at people. I’ll start with the story as to why she gets the name. A client walks into my office and informs me that there is a woman passed out on the side of the building, whose exposed, the client is naturally worried. I got worried to, who knows what can happen to this woman while asleep.

          My dumb ass, decides to go check and there she is. Asleep on a chair, next to her shopping cart, with her bikini top pulled down to expose her chest and there they are……The biggest nipples I had ever seen, as big as marbles. πŸ˜‚ The name just stuck after that……I woke her up and she grumbled, and I asked if she needed medical help. She declined, I went back inside and next thing I know she’s fuckin picking up my plants from the root. I had to call the police on her and the poor young man was telling me he hopes she goes into someone else’s section because he’s tired of dealing with her ass.

          These arn’t even the worst of them, she would legit throw her cart into my parking lot in hopes that it would hit one of the cars, I always had to go get her and escort her out. She even once walked up to my managers car putting something on her windshield wipers, I went outside to confront her and she ran. I caught up to her enough to hand foam pieces back to her and demanded she take them with her. Even so this still isn’t the worst one.

            The reason why she is so horrible to deal with is the reputation she has built for herself, she comes with a warning. Never get close to this woman, you never know what she is going to throw at you. You could be lucky enough to get water thrown at you or it could be worse. I’ve seen a customer stand by her not knowing, at the time I didn’t either and I was talking with another client. She then comes closer to the man and dumps a liquid on his white shoes, lucky for him it was water. The man I was talking to advised me that he has seen her throw worse at people. 

        I didn’t really believe she could do worse until one day a man who rents a parking space came in. He was furious and I had no idea why, until he told me that someone vandalized his limo, he showed me photos of his limo full of stickers. I offered to look at the video but there wasn’t much I came up with. A couple weeks after he came in again with another video and photos, this time it wasn’t stickers…….it was piss and shit. I really wish he didn’t show me, it was horrible! I looked at the surveillance and behold, it was marble nipples! In the video she’s walking on the side walk while pushing her cart, she turns to look at the limo but keeps walking.

       Marble nipples decides to stop half way, with a cup in hand and walks up to the limo, she then tosses the contents of the plastic cup onto the limo.πŸ˜ͺ Beware if you ever see an elderly woman in a bikini top who grumbles, she’s armed!πŸ˜‚

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        Gym Birthday Suit, that is really his name on his ID. He was a strange man who we had no choice but to rent to, on his first day he was wearing a jump suit and a hello kitty back pack. On that day we didn’t rent to him for the simple fact of not having identification, but he came after with the papers needed. This man always wore outlandish outfits, crazy striped pants with holes, a Dracula cape, and the best one a bunny suit from a Christmas story. He stored the craziest things in his unit, trash, strange outfits, mannequin heads and other body parts, weird statues and so much more. I noticed because he would always leave his unit door open, he had so much that he couldn’t even close it anymore. There was a time where he left all his things outside in the parking lot and was upset when most of them were taken including his machete. (scary) He also went through a phase where he would steal our fire extinguishers.

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             Michelle, my first encounter with this woman was when I had seen her with her boyfriend. He was obviously an abusive toxic person, you can just tell by the way she would act around him. She would wear long sleeves and shorts, in this heat there is no way she could be cold, she was hiding her bruises. One day she came into my office crying, asking me if there was any way we could deny access to her now ex. I obviously wanted to help her, we changed everything needed to keep him away from her, I also offered my help. I let her know that at any time, if she needed me to help her out of a situation she just needs to give me a signal.

            She went back upstairs to her unit and I saw her boyfriend come into the parking lot. I could see him on camera, attempting to get access and got denied. You could see this man start to get mad and paced everywhere as he got on the phone. He then came into the office demanding to know why his code was not working, I went on to tell him that he was not on the account, there for I could not give him any information. He stormed out and got in his car, she came down rushing to his car and then became the shouting match. He got off the car and followed her, it really looked like he was out to hurt her. 

         Of course I was ready to intervene with a call to the cops, but he went back in his car and drove off. After this I felt for the girl, eventually she forgave him and there they were together again. Until they got into their next altercation. My office phone rang, it was her crying asking me to come up and help her, I rushed to her aide to find her inside her unit.

        She was 6/7 feet off the ground on the top unit, she told me that he had left her up there and purposely moved the stair case so she could not get down. The floor was filled with items that he spread out all over, and he left our cart untended in the parking lot for anyone to take.(They cost over 700) After she was calm, I told her he no longer had access to the facility, next time I saw him I was going to have him escorted out by police.

         Time passed and I saw this small innocent woman change, she was now a junkie. Always falling asleep, even while having a conversation, and she would get irritated randomly. She started loitering in her storage unit for hours on end hogging one of the very few stair cases. She would also close her unit door, to more than likely do drugs. While her young son of probably 3/4 played on the ground level. When I’d ask her to open her door, it was always a battle that never ended well.

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       Now on the drugs topic there are so many situations, and people I encountered that abused. I’ll talk about two for this one, Yong and Kuntz. Yong was a man who seemed normal to begin with, it didn’t start until after where everything started to unravel. Ultimately we had to stop renting to this man for his over the top stunts. I caught this man with a fire going on in his unit, him and his girlfriend were smoking crack. I had to call the cops on him on multiple occasions. This man was already known for being on drugs, violent, and you never knew what he was going to do.

        On my many patrols, I saw him sleeping with his girlfriend on top of a table, I tried to wake them up with no success. They were obviously already strung out. No one could wake them, the cops had to come and wake them up. He was arguing with the cops and resisting. Yong was notorious for bike theft as well and apparently he also had warrants. Eventually we were able to kick him out, and never heard from him again.

        Kuntz, A woman I had not heard of until the name was brought up to me and I found it hilarious. There was no other way to describe her, but a CUNT. She was another junkie, the manager even caught her shooting up in the restroom and denied her any future access to them. Kuntz had track marks all over her body and was always a pain to deal with. 

        There was a time where her and her boyfriend, he looked perfectly normal and in tune with his senses. They both decided to attend an auction, and even bought some. She thought it would be a good idea to place all the items/trash into an empty unit so that they wouldn’t have to deal with it. We brought it to her attention, so she did the next big thing and left all the items outside the elevator and in front of the dumpster gate. A terrible idea with the people that pass by the facility, the following morning the items and trash were scattered everywhere. Kuntz was pissed when we called her, told her we saw the surveillance after she tried denying it was her, and told her she had to come in to clean it all up or we would charge her a cleaning fee. Instead of cleaning it herself, she made her boyfriend do it, it was still satisfying to see them clean it all up.πŸ˜‚

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         I’ll end this with Pikake, the storage prostitute. She was a quiet woman who was also paranoid. She constantly brought different men up to her storage. She’d run into our bathroom, with a tooth brush in hand without a word. You could hear her spitting in our bathroom, her mouth was full. haha I even found a box of condoms by her unit, so at least she was being safe. She was even caught giving a man a blow job in the parking lot. Thankfully, I never caught her in the act. πŸ˜‚

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Yona of the Dawn

July 8, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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        Yona of the Dawn takes place in the Kingdom of Kouka, and follows the story of the young princess Yona. She lives a sheltered care free life inside Hiryuu castle. Her pacifistic father seeks to protect Yona from the outside world to avoid losing her as he did her mother. She is also guarded by her childhood friend Hak. 

       One her sixteen birthday Yona let’s her father in on her dream to marry Su-Won her childhood friend and quickly gets denied. Yona determined to change her fathers mind, visits his chambers the same night, instead she finds herself with a horrific sight. Su-won the love of her life with a sword through her father (the king) chest. The man she had dreamt of marrying one day betrayed her to become Kouka’s next ruler. 

        Despite being over come with fear and loss, Yona manages to run away with Su-Won’s guards at her tail and nearly gets killed if it wasn’t for Hak intervening. Hak and Yona manage to escape to his birth place Fuuga, the capital of the wind tribe. There they meet with Hak’s grandfather who advised them to search for the priest named Ik-Su.

        Ik-Su tells them about the legend of the first king of Kouka (Hiryuu) and the four dragon warriors who together unified the kingdom.a The series follows Yona as she sets out to find the legendary dragon warriors to save her kingdom.

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  • Japanese manga series by Mizuho Kusanag
  • Manga has 29 volumes
  • Published by Viz Media
  • 18 volumes currently out with vol. 19 out in august 
  • Anime with 24 episodes and 3 ova episodes 
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
  • Draws inspiration from Japanese, Korean and Chinese culture
  • The kingdom of Kouka is made up of four tribes: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire

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       Yona of the Dawn is a series that I had seen as an anime before reading the manga. The anime was cut short and left plenty out, the manga is definitely a better way to go in this case.

       It was a series that was recommended to me by a nice girl who works at Barnes and Noble, I frequent it so much that her and I exchange recommendations every chance we get and this was one of them.

        The story is well thought out and written, it immediately grabs your attention and makes you want more. I love all the characters in the series, they are all well developed and interesting in their own right. Sinha’s story really got me feeling all kinds of sad emotions. I’m still hoping that Hak and Yona get together. 🀞 The series is full of action and adventure. I’m always wanting more after I read a volume, it’s one of the manga that I have to get when it releases. Definitely a must read!

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          I finally got my hands on volume 18 and read it last night and I have so many emotions. It was a beautiful volume that covers the past Dragon warriors and it gives Zeno’s back story too! Before this volume we didn’t know much about Zeno, other than him being powerless in comparison to the others. 

          Zeno was pretty much my least favorite of the bunch, but with this volume he is now higher than Gija and Jaeha. His story was incredibly heart wrenching, out of everyone else he had it the worst. I’m so ready for the next volume in august! 

          Spoilers ahead: Don’t read any further because I am going to go on a rant. Obviously if you’re reading past the red, you’re just nosy. 😜 Zeno is quite possibly the most amazing one of the bunch, and this is coming from someone who loves Sinha. I ruined things for myself by looking around the internet and finding photos of Zeno impaled, naturally I figured he’d die and was already hesitant on reading. Imagine my surprise when I find out my boy Zeno is basically an undying zombie boy with awesome regeneration! My butt cheeks were clenched with the fight scenes! With all that intensity they brought me back with flash backs to the first dragon warrior and that’s when the real feels began. Zeno has really had it rough! Ps. I squealed when Yona was happy over Hak smiling and that cute little head kiss he gave her! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β€ Excuse the terrible photo I took but I was so hyped, I had to share!

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Elfen Lied

July 5, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       A Diclonious by the name of Lucy is held in a government facility off the coast of Kamakura, for experimentation. She later escapes the facility by wreaking havoc and blood shed. Lucy is unable to escape unharmed and  is found at the beach with a loss of memory and no ability to say anything other than “Nyu”. Kouta and his cousin Yuka find Lucy and offer her a place to stay. Oblivious to the situation they got themselves into, a Special Assault Team and a Diclonious are sent to seize Lucy and calamity ensues.

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  • A Japanese Manga Series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto 
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction
  • Originally serialized by Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump 
  • Manga has 12 volumes and the anime has 13 episodes
  • Also known as Erufen RΔ«to
  • Elfen Lied is German/Dutch for Elves Song
  • The anime was released before the manga was finished, so there are a couple differences between the two 
  • The Manga is published by Dark Horse Comics
  • Diclonious are a species that resemble humans but can be distinguished by their horns and their vectors. 
  • Vectors are a power wielded by Diclonious that allows them to slice and seize at their own discretion. The vectors have limits when it comes to range. They can also sense one another. 
  • The story takes place is Kamakura in the Kanagawa Prefecture

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       Elfen Lied is one of the gems I watch again every couple years, a classic.πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I recently re watched this series a couple weeks ago, and although I’m sure most of you have already seen it, there are probably the 1% who hasn’t. So this is for you babies! I love the series, things get fucked up really quickly, it’s a super dark anime. A lot of feels are in this series. If you like seeing blood and limbs chopped off, this is a series you’ll love as much as I do. 

       A huge con for me with the series is the relationship that Kouta and Yuka have with one another while being cousins. It still grosses me out to this day!πŸ˜’

      If you choose to watch the English dub as I do, know that it is really cringy. How ever, I had mentioned to someone before that a lot of older anime’s don’t sound so great, and I feel that a lot of them have a lot to do with the audio systems we had back then. (So I can’t really blame the voice actors) Like Fruits Basket, I didn’t think the voices were that great back then but the new adaption sounds amazing, with the same voice actors.

      In what ever language you prefer, you should still watch this classic beauty of a series. I re watched the series on Hi Dive on VRV, It is phenomenal!πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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        No trailer for this one because I really wanted to share the opening song instead. The music and the video are stunning!πŸ‘ŒπŸ» 

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