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June 12, 2019 | Lifestyle | No Comments

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         So, I went to go see Dark Phoenix the other day and I have a couple thoughts. First off, I had no idea this movie was even out until a day or two prior and I only found out because I was looking for The Secret Life of Pets show times. I jumped at the chance to go see it in theaters despite already hearing bad things about it.

        The story is pretty straight forward, Jean is gonna get crazy powerful, she can’t control it, people die, world is in chaos. BLAH BLAH BLAH They could have done so much with this, but the way they went about it was pretty awful. I found myself more bored than entertained, I really wanted to like this movie but they made it really hard. The movie isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst I’ve seen. 

       Evan Peters as Quick Silver is my favorite, but he hardly got any screen time. Alexandra Ship is a great Storm. I always loved Michael Fassbender as Magneto but my boy was incredibly vanilla in this movie. I’ve always been over the fence about Sophie Turner as Jean but not as badly as I dislike Tye Sheridan as Scott, the performance and the look just doesn’t feel right.  The inclusion of the other “evil” characters just felt weird and random to me and there is a death in the movie that really had me shook, I was hoping they would get the chance to switch teams.

        For being the last of the X-Men saga, it was pretty much a let down. There was a charm that the older movies had that this one seems to lack. If you’re planing to watch it, I recommend you hold on to your money and wait til you can see it for free.

       On a totally random note, Do you guys remember the X-Men Legends games? 👀 I always gravitated to Gambit and Rogue, my favorite of the x-men. The animated series was also a good one! 

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