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May 22, 2019 | Lifestyle | No Comments

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        I was recently visited by my best friend, the first time any one has ever visited me since I’ve moved here to Hawaii. Naturally, it was my goal to show her all my favorite things to do on the island. (most of them involving food lol) I figured that I should share what we did with all of you. 💖

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            The Byodo -In Temple. One of my favorite destinations, its definitely a must see. It is a replica of a temple in Uji, Kyoto Japan. The temple is such a beautiful place to visit and cat’s roam freely. Enjoy some of the pictures I took and see some of it’s beauty for yourselves.

        The following day, the weather was in our favor and we made our way to Manoa Falls. I’m far from being the outdoorsy type but I sucked it up and went to make sure my best friend had a time to remember. My first hike ever, and I am not converted what so ever! haha I will not be doing that ever again. The hike was long and steep, even worse due to the rain the day before . The steps were not short person friendly, I hurt my legs just trying to hop down the steps lol. After some time, we made it to the top and the view was beautiful. (still not worth it for me haha) If this is your type of thing, then I definitely recommend going! Just don’t swim there, many people have gotten sick for doing it! 

       After that hellish of a time, it was time to relax, we drove around and went to the beach. I’m not a fan of that either, I don’t like sand haha, but I’m down with sitting on a folding chair and enjoying a good read with a view. The beaches at Waimanalo and North shore are top notch.  Enjoy some of the sites from different parts of the island.

        I also included a photo of one of my favorite art pieces on the island, almost on every building, you’ll run into a cool master piece. This one happens to be right next to an office max in Honolulu. Look at how beautiful it is.

        I also took her to check out the Ala Moana Mall. It’s so huge that I wanted her to experience my every day struggle of getting lost! 😂 4 floors of pure labyrinth fun without Dancing and Magic, unless you go to the ground level where performers get the chance to strut their stuff on stage, it’s always interesting to see the shows. There is also a wonderful gem on the ground floor, Shirokiya Japan Village Walk. (Photo from google) 

      Shirokiya is such a cool place to see at the mall, there is so much to see, so much to eat! They have a stage as well, and will often have performers during the weekend. My boyfriend usually plays there with his Koto Group. Tons of Gacha Machines! Japanese Stationary, cool anime merch, often times you can get a $1 beer. There is also a Guardian Spirit Sanctuary that are composed by 8 different Buddhas, your zodiac sign determines which Buddha is your guardian spirit. I was born in the year of the Rooster so my Guardian spirit is Fudō Myō-ō.

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        Shaved Ice is a big deal here on the island so I took her to a place close by called Waiola Shave Ice, where you can get rainbow shaved ice, and even shaved ice with ice cream.They have tons of flavors and different ways to enjoy your shaved ice. They do tend to get a line though! (photos from their website) I didn’t take any since again, I didn’t think I’d write this. lol

         I also made sure to take her to my favorite place, Cream n Roll, a place I frequent often. A locally owned business, where you can choose your base of Matcha, Milk Tea, Or Original. Then you pick your mixer Cookies and Cream(Oreos), Strawberry Shortcake( Fresh Strawberries and graham crackers), Sweet Rainbows (Fruity pebble & Honey), Kooky Baddah (cookie butter and graham crackers), Banana Baddah (Banana’s & Cookie butter),  Mango Madness(mango), Going Banana’s (Banana’s & Nutella), Mr. Cinnamon (cinnamon toast crunch and nutella), Black Sesame, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Ube, or Coffee. Then you pick two toppings + whipped cream. The options are Fruity Pebbles, Coco Krispies, Cinnamon toast crunch, strawberries, banana’s, mango, Mochi Balls, Azuki Beans, Chocolate chip cookies, Famous Amos, Kit Kat, Oreos, Pocky sticks, wafer sticks, or graham crackers. To finish everything you pick your drizzle, Chocolate Syrup, Caramel, Condensed Milk, or Honey and then you can choose if you want it in a cup or in a waffle taco.

        Chun Wa Kam, for the best Manapua in town according to plenty of locals and my boyfriend. They have plenty on their menu and their food is always warm. 

        Teddy’s, the best burger joint on the island, the food portions are huge! The cheese fries and the milkshakes there are the bomb! They can be a bit pricey but the food is amazing and the portions justify the price. If you get a big burger, get smaller fries. (Trust me!)

         Manichi Ramen, my favorite restaurant of them all, I’m a sucker for Ramen! This is by far the best ramen I have ever had, affordable compared to other places, but not cheap in their flavor what so ever! The food is always hot, always yummy, and the employees are the nicest people! Try their cheese gyoza, it’s bomb!

        Gyu-Kaku, for some amazing Japanese BBQ, I like the one at Winward Mall. They have happy hour too, where you can get the food for a little cheaper, and they have an all you can eat offer where each person pays $35 and you can eat all you want. Fair warning, everyone in your party has to get all you can eat, or none at all. Otherwise you must sit in separate tables. (I’m assuming people tried to trick the system before) 

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        Sad to say, I only got to spend the weekend with my best friend but I had the best time showing her all these neat things and spending time with her! I hope you guys enjoyed a tiny peak of the island life, there is tons more to do here but not enough time!

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