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June 5, 2019 | Lifestyle | No Comments

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        For this week’s lifestyle post I decided to talk about the three movies I’ve seen recently. All three of them have a significance to me and my childhood. Detective Pikachu, Aladdin, and Godzilla King of Monsters are all going to be covered in this article. Enjoy!

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         Detective Pikachu is based on the game that came out in 2016. The story takes place in the world of Pokemon and Rhyme City. Tim Goodman, a 21 year old insurance sales man who has no interest in Pokemon due to the loss of his mother and resentment towards his father. Tim must go to Rhyme City, a city in which Pokemon and humans coexist to retrieve his father’s belongings. His father Harry Goodman, was a detective for the police who died in a car crash along with his partner Pokemon. 

         At his father’s apartment he encounters a Pikachu who can speak and Tim is the only one who can understand him. Pikachu reveals that he has amnesia, but he has reason to believe that Harry is still alive and that there is more to his “death” than they think. He also reveals that he was Harry’s partner and they were working on a case when the accident took place. The truth is out there in Rhyme City and it’s up to them to put the pieces together. 


        Pokemon is a huge part of my life, my childhood was consumed by everything Pokemon. I played the games, had the cards, the toys, watched the show/movies, and had all the merch I could get my hands on. When I first found out that they were making a live action Pokemon movie, I was beyond excited. How ever, I wasn’t too pleased to hear that it would be about Detective Pikachu and not the main series. (One of the few games I didn’t play) I wasn’t sure how to take Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu, but I wouldn’t even know who could. For a split second the internet was saying Danny Devito should voice Pikachu and a part of me both loved and hated the idea(LOL) even if it was just a joke.

        At the movies they gave out Pokemon cards, I was so happy with the gesture. It took me back to the times I went to see all the animated movies as a child with my mom, they gave out the gold cards, I wish they would have done it this time around too. To my luck, I didn’t get Mewtwo, but it was fun to get the cards, it added to the experience.

       All in all, I loved the movie, so much in fact that if I had the money I’d see it multiple times. The story was simple to follow, but interesting enough to keep you hooked for the whole hour and 45 min. The Pokemon were amazingly animated, they were all on point. My only complaint was the way Gengar looked, being one of my favorite Pokemon, they did not do his cute but creepy look justice. Gengar just looked weird and gross, everyone else looked cute in comparison! Ryan Reynolds was actually perfect for the voice. Romance did not consume the story like it does in most movies/stories.

         There was plenty of comedic moments, and my favorite scene will always be one with Psyduck and him flopping around in the running scenes, you’ll get it when you see it. I was the only one laughing during this scene which is lame! I still laugh about it and think of the scene randomly. (LOL) I highly recommend the movie, and I can’t wait to own it when it comes out. I’m so ready for them to work on the main series, hopefully it’s as good as Detective Pikachu!


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       Aladdin is a Disney live action film based on the animated movie from 1992, both of them based on a folk tale One Thousand and One Nights. The movie follows Aladdin, a poor thieving young man living on the streets of Agrabah with his companion monkey Abu. Aladdin dreams of a better life and soon gets the chance when Gran Vizier Jafar sends him into the Cave of Wonders. He resurfaces with a magical lamp that contains an all powerful Genie. The genie offers Aladdin three wishes, one in which he uses to become a prince to win the heart of princess Jasmine but Jafar has other plans for the lamp, Aladdin, and everyone in Agrabah.

         I was so happy when I found out that they were making a live action Aladdin. I love Disney, and I eat up all the live action movies. The casting for the Genie was a huge topic on the internet, not many were happy with the casting choice. The role of the Genie was perfection in the hands of Robin Williams, with big shoes to fill everyone was hesitant on Will Smith taking on the role. I like Will Smith as an actor, but he had let me down with the role of Dead Shot in the DC movie Suicide Squad, so I was a bit hesitant on him after. I was also a bit iffy on the choice for Jafar, he didn’t give me that unf the character gives in the animated movie.

       In the first couple minutes of the movie Will Smith puts all worries at ease! He manages to make the role of Genie his own while still leaving the charm we all love of the character. I loved all the songs that he took part in, it was perfection.  The story followed the main one to an extent, it had it’s differences but they were good changes that would make the story relevant for today’s audience.

       My cons: I still wasn’t to keen on Jafar. I wish Iago could have been voiced by the same actor as the original and had more of a voice, but alas it wouldn’t be real if he carried out full on conversations. Aladdin’s street rat song wasn’t my favorite, I felt the pauses were way too long. I had mixed feelings on Jasmine’s song, I loved the lyrics, the meaning, but I felt the music itself didn’t fit the rest of the music/movie. Small thing I wish they would have added, when Jafar turns Rajah into a kitten, in the movie he just makes him disappear and the outfit he makes Jasmine wear. (I had such a love for that outfit)

       Everything else about the movie was amazing. I loved how colorful the movie was, so many different colors in the clothing and the surroundings. Nailed Genie! (He was pretty much my favorite along with Dalia) The actors were phenomenal, they empowered Princess Jasmine. They aced all the songs and one of the most important “A Whole New World”. The film took me back to my childhood, and had me smiling and singing on the inside. I would highly recommend this movie as well, I can’t wait to own it and watch it as much as I do my other Disney Movies!

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      Godzilla King of Monsters is a sequel to the Godzilla film that came out in 2014. The movie takes off with Emma Russel a Paleobioligist who works for the organization Monarch to track down and study the titans. Giant monsters that once dominated the earth, like Godzilla. Her daughter Emma and herself witness the rebirth of Mothra. Like dominos the Titans start coming back to life, one after the other and threaten humanity’s existence. With humanity being unable to join the fight, the titans fight for the spot of King. 

        Godzilla is also something I grew up watching, they are my mom’s favorite movies, so of course I saw them all with her.(Cheesy wires and all) I also remember watching the animated series at some point. I was excited to go see the movie, especially after it was teased in Kong: Skull Island 2017.

        The movie was great, the monster fights were incredible! The critics have no idea what they’re talking about when they gave this movie bad reviews. It’s a monster film, a Godzilla one at that, FIGHT SCENES ARE A MUST!!! My complaint is that there was too much human interaction, too much drama. I don’t care about their custody battle! I wanna see the real monsters fight! “Let them fight” Ken Watanabe character is the only human that truly matters!  I highly recommend this one too, and I can’t wait for Godzilla Vs. Kong in 2020!!!

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