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May 20, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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        Ran and the Grey world is written and illustrated by Aki Irie, published by Viz Media.
       When your mom happens to be the most powerful sorcerers to exist, the only one able to protect and keep the world safe, it’s perfectly normal to want to grow up and be like her. This happens to be the case with young  Ran Uruma who lives with her father and brother while her mom is away protecting the gate to keep evil out. Ran wishes more than anything to be like her mom, she has yet to fully control her powers (she’s only 10) but with the help of some sneakers, she can transform her body to an adult and can control her abilities better.

       The story follows young Ran in her adventures of growing up with magical powers and big shoes to fill. 


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        I have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to this manga. One of the huge selling points to me, was the art, the art is incredibly beautiful and is what got me to pick up the series in the first place. I enjoyed most of the story except when it came to what I feel is the biggest flaw and ruining factor of the series.

        There may be light spoilers to this rant but I believe it’s important to talk about this flaw and the problematic characters. Ran can transform her body to one of an adult but she is still a child. What bothered me in the series was the way she was sexualized by certain characters. Ran uses a portal from her room to another part of the house. Half of her body was stuck on one side, the rear end of her was exposed, which resulted in someone grabbing at her. That scene was wrong regardless, it made it much worse given her age, even if they didn’t know her true identity it shouldn’t have been brought to life in the book.


          The relationship between her and Outaro is the one that I am most bothered about. She lands outside his home, unconscious, and he finds the need to keep her trapped in his apartment. He is a very toxic character and a poor excuse of a villain type. A rich guy who can do and get away with what ever they want (even walking around completely naked). He is super creepy, incredibly obsessive/possessive/manipulative with Ran. A poor excuse for love/attraction, he is attracted to the way she looks, and often ignores the words “no”. His over all personality is just terrible and it gives me enough reason not to enjoy this series.

        Jin Uruma is the best character in the series, he is such a good older brother. Constantly trying to keep his sister in check, trying to keep the shoes away from her until she’s ready, trying his best to keep toxic people away. He has amazing powers, and is a total bad ass.

        I had high hopes for Ran and The grey world, I liked where it was going with a family full of magical beings and I was hoping it would be a good coming of age story that taps into the magical world. There are only three volumes out so far, but I have seen enough problematic events to make the decision to stop reading further. I stopped at the second volume. If I ever do decide to keep reading the series it would be for the art and to hopefully see “Jin” Ran’s older brother kick Outaro’s ass. 

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