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Storage Horror’s: The Beginning

July 3, 2019 | Lifestyle | No Comments

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        Where to even start? In this series of blog posts I will let you guys in on my two years of hell. I’ll spill all the tea! Let us start from the beginning.
         This first post will cover the beginning of my life in hell, with the little angry man. I will guide you through some of the events that have been engraved in my memory. It is a bit long, I apologize but we will cover other aspects of my storage life in other posts.

        When I first moved to Hawaii the search to find a job began, I put in countless applications until I received an invite to apply for a storage company. I had no previous experience in the field except for what everyone brings up when they think of storage, the show “Storage Wars”. With no experience, I had no expectations or knowledge of what I was about to get myself into.

      I had to change my hair color, take out my piercings and wear a uniform, which sucked but what could one do? I had just moved and needed money to survive but that isn’t the bad part in the slightest. 

       I trained for a couple weeks in Kopolei which was shitty for the simple fact that we had no car at the time, our car was going to be shipped from California. I had to spend around $40+ on the trip to and same amount back, and the traffic was terrible. Since I was making the trip, I had to wake up incredibly early to make sure I got there in time. My training experience was amazing, the location, customers, and co-workers there made me feel as if my road ahead would be just the same. 

       My dreams soon came to an end when I had to start work at my home store. I loved the fact that it was five minutes away from home, on my first day I was excited and ready for my new journey. 

       At this moment I figured, nothing could be worse than working at the “What are those?!?!” store, where the woman Hitler reigned. The woman who hired only her friends, did nothing but talk with them on her shifts and got no work done, wrote blogs about her fleeting boyfriends on the clock and how they were “the one” after just meeting them. A woman who was petty and jealous of anyone who had a happier life/relationship and took it out on those who were stable. Who shortened the hours of male coworkers who paid her no mind. A woman who once you stopped being friends with, she’d find silly reasons to make your life hell and quit, and then attempt to re hire you once you benefit her again.This woman was what I thought one of the worst people in management I had ever met. (Still true, but someone tops her now)

       On my first day I met a short, stocky, older Japanese man. He was probably around his late 40’s/early 50’s, who knows. I was happy to be there, happy to meet anyone really. In an instant this man offered to show me around the facility and I welcomed the idea. On the tour, this man who was clearly full of themselves decided to rant on about himself. Apparently he was being reviewed to manage the storage facility, the man couldn’t be less fit and you’ll find out why. 

      I would listen and nod to his pointless stories, until he brought up one in particular. He began to tell me a story of how he managed to get a person he did not like to quit. The man proudly told me that if he does not like someone, he will do anything and everything to get them to quit and how he has done it multiple times before. This in itself is already a giant red flag, the man is obviously in no position to lead and is frankly too old to be pulling these stunts. The stories continued as he made sure to show that I was beneath him, and with these intimidation tactics he said this gem to me “I’m a sexist pig” with no hint of joking and went on to tell me he wouldn’t change.

       I was already uncomfortable on my first day, he then decided to show me the parking lot where customers could rent parking stalls. He demanded that I role play with him on selling, I asked for more information since I had just started and knew no details to use as selling points.(Not to mention that role playing makes me uncomfortable) Despite this I wanted to build a good team friendship still and I played along. He played the role of a bad customer, but this man took it to the extreme, was a total asshole and talked down to me for no reason. I would break in between to tell him I didn’t want to do it anymore, it wasn’t working for me, I needed more details but he persisted to make me feel small. 

      I am a person who cries in anger or frustration and so I did and as much as I tried to hide it, the man kept verbally attacking me. He then brought up the fact that I was crying and turned it into yet another thing he could use to his advantage when it came to talking down to me. The man went on to tell me about his home life and how this is the way he talks to his wife. How he throws a fit for the pepper facing the wrong way in the cabinet but she still married him.(I have no idea what this had to do with me)

       Naturally I spoke up to the DTL about the situation, what had happened and what was said. I was not about to let that behavior slide, she was mortified by everything she had heard and reached out to the DM(District Manager). Of course nothing was done about the situation. Another woman was added into the mix later on and she experienced the same situations. He hated her for the fact that she would put him in his place. 

       Every day this man continued to make my life hell, my only salvation was when I went out to clean. At this point I would rather be doing that than selling storage units to customers, that would mean being in an office with the evil leprechaun. He talked down to me every chance he got, when I needed to learn something he would treat me badly and tell me he wasn’t there to teach me anything.(What soon to be manager, right?) I’d also get in trouble for saying “Yeah, no” “no, yeah” and he would tell me how much he hated it. Obviously I can’t help it coming from California, and I tried to explain countless times, but it was yet something else for him to pick on me for.

        There was a day where he and the other male co worker were sitting down at their desks chatting while myself and the other female co worker were cleaning the office. He had came to me instead of her and ordered me to clean the elevators and take her with me. I politely told him it would get done but the office needed TLC, it was filthy. When not getting his way he did what he always did with me. I passed the message on to my other co-worker and she was furious. She came in to speak with him and asked him what cleaning he was going to get done that day, since her and I were cleaning almost everything. He decided to tell her that she can’t expect not to clean, it’s what she signed up for. (Mind you we are all equals, with the same position) He had also told me in previous conversations that he was not a cleaning man, he was an office man and he would stay indoors while others clean. The man also spent his time playing candy crush (how productive.)

       After countless complains from both of us, nothing seemed to get done. I even expressed my concerns for his management skills when it came to the store. This man did things he should never do, he would take units offline to hold for customers and say it was damaged at the time to management. He would bend every rule that we were told were serious and shouldn’t be bent. Things we could have gotten in trouble for if anyone visited or audited. His work ethic was horrible and the man was sexist. What else could he do?

       In one of my many escapes to clean, I decided to follow through on some of the tasks our DM had left behind after her store visit. One of them was to clean the unit doors. They were absolutely filthy, in this point in time I was cleaning a huge one with giant soda splatter all over that had been there for what seemed like forever. (it would not come off!) So I am on my knees scrubbing the living hell out of it when I hear his voice getting closer, but he’s not alone! Yay, sigh of relief since he couldn’t possibly bother me while with customers.

        I was wrong, he came up to me in front of his customers and began to yell and talk down to me. He demanded to know what I was doing and why I was doing it. I went on to tell him that it was on our list of things to do but he was not having it. He insisted that it was the hallway doors, as if the giant soda splatter wasn’t a huge indicator as to what she meant, I went ahead and told him that he was wrong(in a nicer way), obviously! Bad choice in my part, I got an ear full just so he could look tough in front of his customers.

       With this I had enough, I was tired of the constant torment day after day. I called my DTL and told her I couldn’t do it anymore, if something wasn’t done I was going to quit. I was reassured that something would be done. (It wasn’t) 

       My final straw was this last incident. There was an issue with a machine (I’ll cover that in another post) so since the following day was going to be his day off he decided to teach me how to manually shut it off. I needed to do this twice a day so I had no choice but to agree to go in the basement with him to learn. Huge mistake!

       The elevator ride was awkward and silent, it wasn’t until we were waiting for the elevator to go back when things took a turn. Our elevator takes for ever when it comes to picking up the basement. He randomly asks “You know, I think I know why we don’t get along?”. This caught me off guard because I had no hate for this man, he just made my life hell and uncomfortable. I had started nothing, so I was in shock. With the wait and my awkwardness, I decided to play along, I asked “Why?”
        He then said that he thought it was because of my age, that he has a daughter. I can’t remember if he said a year younger or older than me. This was really uncomfortable, I felt bad for his daughter. Again in my awkward, uncomfortable state, I decided to throw him another bone. I shrugged and said “Maybe it’s a cultural difference too?” hah, silly me just dug my own grave. With that he says to me “Oh hunny….well we arn’t in mexico anymore” πŸ˜’ 

        First of all, I was fuckin born in the US. Yes I am Mexican but I am not from mexico. Even if I was, there is no reason to be that way! Such an unpleasant little man. This was the instance that really lead me to take matters into my own hands, if no one was going to do anything I was going to do everything to be heard. I reached out to HR, told them everything, they even talked to the other female employee.

         How ever, I got an ear full from the DM getting on my case for doing so, that I should be reaching out to her and letting her handle it. Obviously nothing was being done, and HR is there to help me with these issues anyway. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

           I had many unpleasant encounters with the little man but at the end of it all karma bit him in the ass. Let me tell you what happened to him in the end. After all the complaints, the only thing they could do for us was move him to what everyone considered the “punishment store”. There he lived out his days alone with no co-workers and no one to talk to, he was always denied management positions and his only way out was to quit. Life was a much better place with him gone. 😁

          They sent me a blessing of a woman to be my manager, If I could rank the sweetest/ best people in my life she would be up there as high as it can go. This woman is a saint, and the company does not deserve her, this world does not deserve her. She was my crutch through this miserable hell hole of a journey. I also got sent my Koala bear from down unda who I could not have done any of it without! Without them I couldn’t have stayed there as long  as I did!πŸ’–

Stay tuned for part 2, we’re just getting to the good stuff! 🐸🍡

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