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Storage Horror’s: The Tenants (Pt. 2)

July 17, 2019 | Lifestyle | No Comments

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       It’s time for the second part of the tenants part of the storage life tell all. Well the parts I remember anyway, haha. Let’s dive in!

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       Let’s start with the really bad ones, Mike and Javier. Javier only had one eye, always referred to me as “mami” (Puerto Rican) and always moved his lips in opposite directions. I had to rent to the man and our first interaction wasn’t very pleasant. In the elevator he hit the wall with his fist as he was telling me a story about some disagreement. As weird and as uncomfortable as he made me, the man still had some respect for me.

       Mike was a white man who was heavily on drugs and would be the aggressive type. My first encounter with the man was when he came into the office for some reason and randomly became irate and caused a huge commotion to the point we did not feel safe. We terminated his lease immediately. Months passed and he came to rent again, we decided to give him that one chance to redeem himself, since he looked in a better mind set. 

        There was a time where Mike had been on drugs and kept following me around the halls, I decided to go back to my office and he followed to the elevator. You could tell that I was uncomfortable, this is when Javier saw and decided to come along, he then made conversation with me to make sure I was okay. We all went into the office, and mike made yet another scene, a burst of rage to the point where we had to call the police and they escorted him out. After this we didn’t see him for a while.

      The next time I saw Mike was on the most extreme case. I had clients who wanted to see a unit, as I was showing them a unit we saw Mike walking through the halls multiple times, already making my customers uncomfortable. I brought them back into the office and that is when everything went south. Across from me was my Aussie co worker and another co worker. Javier and a woman come to them and tell them that Mike had threatened to take out his other eye with his drum stick and how he tried to stab the woman before.

      All this lead to the cops being called, Mike was brought in for questioning. They asked him if he was on drugs, if he wanted to hurt himself, or if he wanted to hurt others. He agreed to the part of wanting to hurt others. Javier walked in to use the restroom and that’s when they began to threaten one another again, the cops had to force Javier out of the office. 

    My Aussie co worker went to the back to talk with our district manager about the situations, and to discuss terminating the lease. I had previous experience with some of the steps, so I decided to excuse myself from my clients to go explain it to her. I handed them off to my other co worker while I went to the backroom to tell her an important step. As we were talking we witness the cops take Mike down to the ground, all of them piling on top of him. (He was a big guy) Apparently he had said something to my other coworker and lunged at her.

      Glad I left so I’m safe from scary situations like this, but when this happened. I expressed how I was not comfortable with him renting with us anymore, I told the DTL/Current manager of my concerns. She dismissed them and said as long as my other co worker was okay with it he could stay. Makes sense right? To keep an aggressive, drug affected person with a track record of violence. It’s important to note that Javier got kicked out just for sleeping. 

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       Ray, an older man who was obviously homeless. He would hang out by his unit blocking the hall. People would constantly complain and he would never move for the handicap. He would leave his items out in the hall, unattended with signs “I’ll be back”. He would have his good moments but then he would randomly snap. You never expected it from someone who looked as he did. There was a time where he came into our office and began yelling at us for who knows what and even threw his sun glasses at us. Then went on to say that we owed him another pair of designer sunglasses for the ones that just broke. Keep in mind that the sunglasses he had were from the drug store. haha

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       Roberta, a french woman that I could barley understand, she spoke so fast and her accent was thick. She first arrived with a man in a fancy sports car, so we really thought nothing of it. Until things took a turn, she would constantly leave a mess in the halls. Things everywhere, and every time we would ask her to stop and put them inside, she would argue. She would leave random items all over, a microwave, bottles, clothes, bra’s, a bike, you name it. She would even smoke and leave her buds everywhere, she would stay over night when she shouldn’t. It got to the point where we had to give her a final warning. The day we did, is the day she said we were violating her rights, that she was abducted by aliens, and was a part of human trafficking. She was nuts, eventually she stopped paying and we had to lock her out of her unit. That didn’t stop her, she snuck in and cute the wiring at the top of her unit and would sneak in.  Roberta was such a pain to deal with. That and she would leave suitcases filled with shit. 

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       Interesting personalities: 

      Julian was a person who would hang out in his unit 7 feet above, with his legs dangling and his legs spread while wearing a skirt. They also had porn all over their unit door for all to see, people would constantly complain. I also believe Julian had multiple personalities or something along those lines since I would hear him talk to himself in different voices, claimed to go places but never did (I’m assuming that one personality did).

      A flamboyant man who rented in the basement, I loved this guy. He was larger than life, and was really living his best life. He was a performer, he did not consider himself a drag queen but a personality. In his unit he had tons of colorful outfits, feathers, jewels and sequins. He once told me that he wanted “Everything on stilts” and would name a couple of things followed by on stilts. 

       Victoria, a very paranoid woman who had a really big unit with no organization. She had mountains of clothes and random objects on top of each other. She never paid her bill on time on purpose, she believed that this would cause her extra security. Since after a couple weeks without paying we would lock it. She told me she felt safer that way, she believed that someone was out to get her and would constantly have me cut the locks off her unit to replace them with new ones.

       Kevin, a taxis driver who annoyed the hell out of me. This man never paid his unit on time, constantly had late fees and would make it difficult when explaining the same thing over and over. He would constantly claim that he did not know he was late, or that there would be fees.(He’s always late, he knows) He had so many fees waved that we just couldn’t anymore, he would say how we were abusing his rights by not waiving his fees. After getting a no, he would keep trying. When it came time to paying his bill, he would come 5 min before closing to pay in all ones. 

       Fayanet was a paranoid woman who wreaked of cigarettes, and had long dirty nails. She would constantly tell me about how the government was watching her, how her phones were tapped, and so many other crazy stories. She would even tell me how she didn’t like my Aussie co worker because her people were at war with her. Then went on to tell me that I was going to get deported for being mexican. 

       Angela was a woman who rented on the 3rd floor, which mean there was rarely any traffic on that floor. She was a major alcoholic, with a boob bigger than the other. She would constantly fall asleep on the floor, and when I woke her up she went on to tell me she wasn’t sleeping. There were times when her partner even locked her out of their unit. I wish I could remember the crazy drunken stories she’d tell meπŸ˜‚ But all I can remember is that really big boob. 

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       Sophia, she will always be a pain in the ass. She was the one person I really hated and I would avoid her like the plague. Sophia would wear the most unflattering outfits, her ass would hang and her crotch would suffocate, infection waiting to happen haha  She would always come in with a hollier than thou attitude. She would come in with a credit card that was already broken and tapped together, which was a pain to deal with. She demanded it be swiped and nothing else, not even manually inputted. The card always gave trouble when swiping because of it’s condition, if it failed to go through, all hell would break loose. You had to pray that it went through the first time, she was the type of person you wanted out of there before you hit them.

       There was a time where she had insufficient funds and it was the worst thing that could ever happen because that meant it was my fault it didn’t go through. When advising she reach out to her bank to see if maybe they flagged us(A bs excuse) she flipped, saying she hadn’t been anywhere else. It got to the point where I had to ask her to leave or I’d have her escorted out because she was being unbearable. 

       She later came back to tell me she didn’t have enough money because she spent it at McDonalds. Every interaction with her was an unpleasant one. I had my moment of satisfaction though, one day she came in and she keeps all her 50cards wrapped around with rubber bands. It got to the point where one snapped in her face and I could not hide my joy!πŸ˜‚

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        The perverts: There was so many! Lucky for me I didn’t get many haha, hurray for being ugly! 

        Perverted Santa Claus, this man was a major creep to my best friend/co worker. He would spend countless hours, harassing her, talking about non sense. Even went out to say he was playing hard to get with her. The worst part of it all was when he told her that he was in the shower, naked and wet when he thought about her and paying his storage.πŸ˜…

       Another man who harassed her constantly. I was talking to her when he walked in and at my very own desk, he turned to look at me and told me he was gonna go ahead and ignore me to talk to her. Then went on to tell both of us that he thought he saw her running, because the back of the woman looked like her backside. Major cringe.

       My interaction with a creep was with the dude we called Frosted Tips. He had fuckin frosted tips and looked like he came out straight from the 90s. He supposedly owned a bar, and had a boat or what ever but he would hit on both of us. Frosted tip took it a step farther when I was on my way to the elevator, and he was with his friends. They all surrounded me and I swear I never felt more uncomfortable. He noticed my ring and asked me if I was married, and of course me being me, I had to be honest. I told him it wasn’t but it was a promise ring so we intend to. The audacity this man had was to tell me to leave my boyfriend, that he would treat me better. I laughed and said I highly doubted it and motioned away, he hugged me and then went on to firmly put his arms on my shoulders and creepily massaged my shoulders. I was dying inside, eventually I escaped and ran away as fast as I could. πŸ˜ͺ

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        One of my favorite stories is the one about Willi Moss. I hadn’t met the man but every time I would call his phone to remind him of his due date. Hilarity ensues when the VM came up “You have reached the legendary, the doctor, the king, the amazing, etc. Willi Moss” His titles went on for ages. (He was no doctor!πŸ˜‚) and then I actually met the man. One day I was patrolling the halls, when I noticed the lock wasn’t put on right on his unit. I figured I’d check, I lifted the unit door and there he was in all his glory. Laying on top of his garbage bags, in boxers, spread eagle. My poor eyes! but I will never forget that email!

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        The end, that’s all for now for the tenants. I’m getting older and my memory is fading. There are plenty other stories that I forgot or just didn’t put in, these people were really something else, especially in person! I will never forget, but I’m so glad I don’t have to see half of them ever again! If I remember any more I’ll add them later on or make a new addition. Next blog, I’m gonna talk about major incidents and all things wrong with the place! Stay tuned!

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