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Made in the Abyss

July 19, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       A giant pit in the middle of the town of Orth is known as the Abyss. Many of the levels beneath are left unexplored, with relics, lost civilizations and extraordinary creatures. Not many are able to explore the depths of the Abyss, those brave enough are known as Cave Raiders. They are the brave adventurers that venture into the Abyss to bring back relics but venturing is everything but easy.

        Reiko lives at Belchero orphanage that teach their orphans everything they need to know about cave raiding, which opens the path to becoming one in the future. She dreams of becoming a White Whistle just like her mother, Lyza. Reiko takes the first step when discovering a strange robot boy on one of her expeditions, this may be the start of the exciting adventure she has been craving her whole life!

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  • Meido in Abisu
  • A Manga web series by Akihito Tsukushi and published by Takeshobo
  • Published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment with 8 volumes
  • Anime with 13 episodes and a sequel film to be released in 2020
  • Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • “The Curse of The Abyss” is something Cave Raiders must face upon ascension and can prove to be fatal. The deeper a cave raider goes, the more severe the effects of the curse.
  • Few who have descended to lower regions have returned 
  • Cave Raiders are distinguished by ranks (Whistles they carry)
  • Bell: Novices, those who are learning and have yet to adventure into the Abyss. Bells are usually given to young children.
  • Red Whistles: Apprentices, are rookies that have a decent amount of knowledge about the Abyss and have ventured at least into the first level. Going any further qualifies as rebellions and a rescue party is sent to retrieve them.  (Red Whistles who venture to the 2nd layer are labeled as suicide, and rescue parties are called off)
  • Blue Whistles: Adepts, more experienced who have managed to prove themselves as cave raiders. They are allowed to adventure down to the second layer. Blue whistles are capable of adequate self defense against some creatures in the Abyss. 
  • Moon Whistles: They are proficient cave raiders and have an extensive knowledge of the Abyss. They can venture down to the 3rd and 4th layer. Moon Whistles are often teachers that guide the newer generations.
  • Black Whistles: Experts, Incredibly talented Cave Raiders that have mastered many techniques of delving. They can venture to the 4th and 5th layers of the Abyss. At this depths ascension can cause insanity. Black whistles sometimes work under white whistles and assist in their expeditions. 
  • White Whistles: Legendary Cave Raiders, that have made life changing achievements with their discoveries. They are historically celebrated figures amongst the town. They are also granted titles (“sovereign of” or “lord of”) to fit with their unique persona. Any information that comes from a white whistle is considered a fact. They have no depth limit but are not imune to the curse, many keep to the 5th floor. Those that venture to the 6th, it is dubbed their Last Dive, and it is the most important mile stone to their career, since they are venturing into new untouched territory. 

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       When I first heard about the series, I didn’t think much of it, I thought it looked too cutesy and over looked it. It wasn’t until I sat down with my friends and had a good chat about recommendations that my interest got peaked. I looked everywhere for the series and struggled to find it, until I saw that VRV carried it through Hi Dive. HI DIVE has really awesome selection of Dub anime! and sub too, plus you get crunchy roll with it! 

       I gave two episodes a shot and sadly wasn’t too into it, I thought the series was going pretty slow for my taste. I stopped watching it for a while until I decided to give it another try. I pushed past the second episode, and I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely got better, it got interesting, and it even got dark! I wasn’t prepared for what the series was going to do to me.

       As the series went on, the story got a lot more deep and a hell of a lot darker than what it started with. It developed into something more than just cute looking characters. I found myself worried for the characters, sad when certain dark events happened and at some point I even got sucked into the whole series that when I reached the end I thought “Now What?”

        I’m super excited for the sequel film that releases in 2020, I can’t wait to see what happens to all the characters and if they get to have a happy ending, at this point it can go either way. I suggest you give it a shot, stick around for more than a couple episodes and you too will be pleasantly surprised!

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        No trailer, the ones I found online are filled with huge spoilers. Enjoy the really awesome opener! ❤

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Yona of the Dawn

July 8, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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        Yona of the Dawn takes place in the Kingdom of Kouka, and follows the story of the young princess Yona. She lives a sheltered care free life inside Hiryuu castle. Her pacifistic father seeks to protect Yona from the outside world to avoid losing her as he did her mother. She is also guarded by her childhood friend Hak. 

       One her sixteen birthday Yona let’s her father in on her dream to marry Su-Won her childhood friend and quickly gets denied. Yona determined to change her fathers mind, visits his chambers the same night, instead she finds herself with a horrific sight. Su-won the love of her life with a sword through her father (the king) chest. The man she had dreamt of marrying one day betrayed her to become Kouka’s next ruler. 

        Despite being over come with fear and loss, Yona manages to run away with Su-Won’s guards at her tail and nearly gets killed if it wasn’t for Hak intervening. Hak and Yona manage to escape to his birth place Fuuga, the capital of the wind tribe. There they meet with Hak’s grandfather who advised them to search for the priest named Ik-Su.

        Ik-Su tells them about the legend of the first king of Kouka (Hiryuu) and the four dragon warriors who together unified the kingdom.a The series follows Yona as she sets out to find the legendary dragon warriors to save her kingdom.

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  • Japanese manga series by Mizuho Kusanag
  • Manga has 29 volumes
  • Published by Viz Media
  • 18 volumes currently out with vol. 19 out in august 
  • Anime with 24 episodes and 3 ova episodes 
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
  • Draws inspiration from Japanese, Korean and Chinese culture
  • The kingdom of Kouka is made up of four tribes: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire

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       Yona of the Dawn is a series that I had seen as an anime before reading the manga. The anime was cut short and left plenty out, the manga is definitely a better way to go in this case.

       It was a series that was recommended to me by a nice girl who works at Barnes and Noble, I frequent it so much that her and I exchange recommendations every chance we get and this was one of them.

        The story is well thought out and written, it immediately grabs your attention and makes you want more. I love all the characters in the series, they are all well developed and interesting in their own right. Sinha’s story really got me feeling all kinds of sad emotions. I’m still hoping that Hak and Yona get together. 🤞 The series is full of action and adventure. I’m always wanting more after I read a volume, it’s one of the manga that I have to get when it releases. Definitely a must read!

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          I finally got my hands on volume 18 and read it last night and I have so many emotions. It was a beautiful volume that covers the past Dragon warriors and it gives Zeno’s back story too! Before this volume we didn’t know much about Zeno, other than him being powerless in comparison to the others. 

          Zeno was pretty much my least favorite of the bunch, but with this volume he is now higher than Gija and Jaeha. His story was incredibly heart wrenching, out of everyone else he had it the worst. I’m so ready for the next volume in august! 

          Spoilers ahead: Don’t read any further because I am going to go on a rant. Obviously if you’re reading past the red, you’re just nosy. 😜 Zeno is quite possibly the most amazing one of the bunch, and this is coming from someone who loves Sinha. I ruined things for myself by looking around the internet and finding photos of Zeno impaled, naturally I figured he’d die and was already hesitant on reading. Imagine my surprise when I find out my boy Zeno is basically an undying zombie boy with awesome regeneration! My butt cheeks were clenched with the fight scenes! With all that intensity they brought me back with flash backs to the first dragon warrior and that’s when the real feels began. Zeno has really had it rough! Ps. I squealed when Yona was happy over Hak smiling and that cute little head kiss he gave her! 👌🏻❤ Excuse the terrible photo I took but I was so hyped, I had to share!

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Sorry For My Familiar

June 17, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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       Sorry For My Familiar is a manga written and illustrated by Tekka Yaguraba. In the demon world(Makai), demons are accompanied by their familiars. Patty an incredibly weak demon, so weak that familiars avoid her. With no other option, she summons a human familiar named Norman. A man who might just be eccentric enough to mesh with Patty’s personality. He is a man who is obsessed with researching/studying/measuring and sketching new exotic life forms.

        Patty receives news that her father has skipped town again to avoid his debt leaving her penniless. They both set out on an adventure to find her father and study new species along the way. The series follows their adventures and the crazy situations they get themselves into.

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        Sorry For My Familiar is a light hearted and funny manga. It is a very entertaining read, and the story is easy to grasp. Its one of those manga I read when I have to unwind from a hectically stressful day and want something I can get good laughs out of. Its an interesting twist to familiars, a demon summoning a human rather than the other way around. The dynamic between the two is adorable, they are both misfits, and their antics are enjoyable to watch unfold.

        The series has four volumes out currently with volume five on pre-order to be released in August. 

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

June 14, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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        The Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) is a light novel by Aneko Yusagi that was originally a web novel. It was later adapted into a manga by Aiya Kyū and then into an anime. 

       Sword, Spear, Bow and Shield are the three legendary weapons used to protect the kingdom of Melromarc. Naofumi Iwatani, an otaku is summoned along with three others from parallel worlds to wield the legendary weapons and become heroes. Naofumi is granted the honor of becoming the Shield hero, he sees this as an opportunity to start a new life. It is revealed to them that they can not wield other weapons, and they must fight in separate parties. Naofumi quickly realizes how disliked the shield hero actually is when no one wishes to join his party.

       With no one wanting to join him, the shield hero is unable to fight or level up his stats. Lucky for him one woman offered to join his party while the others had several people in theirs. As if his luck could not get any worse, the woman happens to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She betrays him by stealing everything he has and accusing him of taking advantage of her. The shield hero already hated, finds himself worse than when he started. He now finds himself a criminal out cast who is hated by everyone and the king. Living in this new world has turned into a nightmare for Naofumi.

       Naofumi has no other choice but to buy a slave if he hopes to live in this new world. He buys a young girl Raphtalia a demi-human who now serves as his attack force. The series follows the two as they wage war against the hordes, defeat all odds, and meet friends & foe alike.

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         I had been curious about this series for a while since I had seen it on the shelves at Barnes and noble. I picked up the manga and instantly got hooked, I could never find the volumes I needed in the store, and I was too lazy to buy them online. I currently own up to volume 4 of 11 currently with volume 12 out in December. The light novel has up to volume 13 with vol. 14 set to release in October.

        Since I was hooked, I was so incredibly excited when I saw the Anime announcement, the anime has 25 episodes. It’s so cool to see it animated! Raphtalia is seriously the best girl as everyone says on the internet haha. This one isn’t as brutal as Arifureta, but it’s all about the main character going through nothing but struggles and over coming them. It’s definitely exciting to watch and you will go through the motions of hating everyone who does them wrong.  I really enjoy it and I’m sure most of you will too! 

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That Time I got Reincarnated As A Slime

May 31, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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        That time I got Reincarnated As A Slime, was originally a light novel published by Yen Press and written by Fuse with 14 volumes. The series was later adapted into a manga published by Kodansha with 11 volumes, with a spin off series published by Micro Magazine with 5 volumes. An anime adaption as later made by 8-bit with 24 episodes and 2 OVAs.

        Satoru Mikami, is a 37 year old office worker from Tokyo with no Girl Friend. One day he was out meeting with his friend/work colleague and his girlfriend. As they were heading to their destination on a busy side walk, a fleeing robber came charging at Tamura and Mihio with knife in hand. Satoru heroically pushed Tamura out of harms way, resulting in a fatal injury that killed him.

       As he lost consciousness, he began to drift off and awoke to the realization that he is no longer human but something else entirely….a slime. One that has an incredible ability known as “predator” it can absorb other creatures and their abilities and they can then be used by him. The story follows the now Rimuru Tempest setting out on a journey where he meets many different races, even a dragon as he explores his new world and finds out more about his new body.

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        When I first heard about That Tim I got Reincarnated As A slime, I thought it was the most stupidest idea for a series I had ever seen. Until, one day I was bored out of my mind and decided to give it a shot knowing full well that I would lose interest after the first episode or two. It started off as background noise while I did other things, but I quickly found myself stopping and watching the show.

       After one episode I was hooked, the show was way better than I had ever expected it to be. The show is much more than just a slime going through life, but one who adapts to it’s new life and becomes something more entirely. I was eager for new episodes to release each week, the series has tons of different characters that are amazing in their own right. Everyone except Gabiru.

      The series will surprise you, it’s filled with action, adventure, fantasy, and tons of comedic moments. I recommend that you all give the series a chance as I did, you’ll be glad you did! Good news is, we get another season in 2020! Yay!

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May 24, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       Sarazanmai is a anime series that was created by Kunihiko Ikuhara. The series takes place when two middle school students accidentally break a statue of a Kappa who serves as a guardian of Asakusa. Kazuki, Toi, and Enta were transformed into Kappa by Keppi when they refer to him as a frog. In order to revert back into their original forms, Keppi instructs them to fight kappa zombies, they must collect the dishes of hope. The dishes of hope can fulfill the wishes of who ever possess them.  They must fight together, only together can they create the sound that is needed to defeat the zombies. Every time the sound is made, their secrets began to reveal themselves and they become more connected.

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       When I first saw this series, I was attracted to it by the cover and the promise of comedic moments. I did the wrong thing and went in blind without reading the synopsis of the series or anything about it for that matter. The series is a big what the fuck, I was so confused and a tad bit horrified the whole first episode. I’m all for weird wtf anime but this one takes the cake and is beyond me.

       I would rather not watch a series about 8th graders and their butts. This series isn’t for me, I’m not all about Kappa’s going and stealing an organ from their anus in order to transform them into kappa’s, I’m also not into them fighting zombies the same way. They go into too much detail, haha it’s just too much for my eyes. So I’m gonna have to sit out on the rest of the series.

       How ever, I hear that a lot of people like this series for some reason. A lot of it has to do with the wow factor, so I would suggest you try and watch the first episode and see how you do with it. Be aware though, that it is incredibly strange, and I don’t even think it’s in a good sense.

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Goblin Slayer

May 10, 2019 | Anime, Manga | No Comments


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       Goblin Slayer is a Japanese light novel by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki. The series was later made into Manga, Audio Drama CD’s, and an anime adaption. The story takes place in a fantasy world where adventurers join guilds to fulfill contracts. A 15 year old, inexperienced priestess forms her first party and the young adventurers set off on their first quest to eliminate low level goblins.

       Rushing in with over confidence and no strategy proved to be a big mistake when they quickly found themselves in more trouble than they bargained for. Lucky for them Goblin Slayer was there to aid them in doing what he does best, annihilating Goblins.

       The light novel/manga/anime follows the lives of the Priestess and Goblin Slayer as they go on adventures, kill goblins and meet other adventurers. Goblin slayer Year one, covers the life of the goblin obsessed warrior before the main series.

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       The anime/manga that everyone just loves to hate. Goblin Slayer is an amazing series, full of action and adventure and the dark side of it all. The anime shows the goblins true nature, you are meant to hate them for their actions, and it makes you feel all the better when they are destroyed. 

        There are scenes and talks of a touchy subject being “rape” which is sadly something Goblins do. They also kill, and destroy many villages. The actions these goblins partake in are fuel to the Goblin Slayer, reasons why he ventures out to destroy every last one of them. He is the only one who takes getting rid of these creatures seriously, while everyone else feels it is beneath them. The anime censors it a hell of a lot more than the manga, and it is never the main focus of the series(If this is your main worry). The scenes are always brief and the assailants get what they deserve.

       Give the series more of a chance than just the first episode or the pages covering the subject. It is a series that I was always eager to watch animated, still waiting for another season and am waiting to get my hands on the next Volume. There is also another series Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, that covers his life before the main series. I will always recommend this series, it’s amazing, it’s brutal, but it’s definitely not for everyone and that’s okay. Let people enjoy things! 

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Demon Slayer

May 6, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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      Tanjiro Kamado lives up in the mountains with his mother and five siblings. They live a happy life despite his fathers passing and continue to have an unshakable bond. As the eldest sibling, Tanjiro supports his family by selling charcoal in the near by village.  Despite the snowfall, Tanjiro decides to make a trip to the village and loses track of time. A villager warns him of demons that roam freely at night and offers shelter. As he heads home the following morning a horrific scent fills his nose. He rushes home to find his whole family slaughtered by demons, and his younger sister Nezuku now one of them. The series follows Tanjiro’s journey to become a Demon slayer, search for a cure and avenge his family.

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  • Demon Slayer is a Japanese manga created by Koyoharu Gotōge and published by Viz Media.
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • The series has 16 volumes, Vol. 7 is currently out with Vol. 8 set to be released in September 
  • The anime series has a total of 26 episodes, with streaming sites currently releasing an episode weekly 

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        Demon Slayer is such an exciting read, I couldn’t be happier that I found this gem. I’m eagerly waiting for the next volume! The story is engaging and the characters are refreshing. Some of the characters are seriously something out of a nightmare. I’m so happy that this series got an anime adaption, I recommend either version or both! So far the first four episodes are off to a good start. Five out of five starts for this series, if not more! ✨ 
       I’d like to add that I am seriously living for the anime, I love the way they animated the fighting forms. Every time I see the water animated, I can’t believe how beautiful it looks. I’m so happy with how good it’s doing with following the manga. I always look forward to seeing what the next episode looks like. Nezuko is the best!❤👌🏻

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        Let’s talk about Vol. 7, this is obviously going to have spoilers if you’re not caught up but I’ll still try to be vague. I’m not won over with this part in the story yet but I feel like it’ll get better in the next coming volumes. I definitely thought that the dream manipulating demon made for an interesting story. Of course they had to hit us with the feels again with Tanjiro’s family. I didn’t think it was as cool as the spider ones, even though I was terrified of them!😢 I’m eager for the next volume and where that will take them.

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Magical Girl Raising Project

April 5, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

       Magical Girl Raising Project was a light novel by Asari Endō and illustrated by Maruino. It has also been made into a manga and an anime with 12 episodes. Magical Girl Raising project is a popular mobile game that allows the players to create a magical girl of their own and fight evil. A rumor surrounding the game claims that there is a one in a million chance that a player will become a real-life magical girl. The rumor of Magical Girl’s existing is proven true, when a young girl get’s turned into her character named “Snow White“.

       Magical Girls poses unique abilities and have a duty to protect people and perform good deeds. In order to remain Magical girls, they must collect Magical Candies that they earn by completing their duties. There are a total of 16 magical girl’s protecting the city. This number proves to be too high of a number, the girls are informed by Fav, that measures must be taken to lessen the number.

       Fav is a cyber fairy and a mascot in the Magical Girl Raising Project. This cyber fairy is responsible for giving the girls instructions and a  moderator of the weekly chats to disclose announcements.


       Each week the amount of Magical Candies will be tallied, the one with the least will lose their powers. As the numbers start to dwindle down, the rules start to get more twisted, the competition gets more heated and desperation ensues. Weapons and magical items get added into the mix, the girls form alliances, and others plot betrayals. Only one Magical girl can prevail, anything goes in this game. 


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       Snow white: Always dreamt of becoming a magical girl, she is pure of heart and believes that all magical girls should strive for peace and helping others. She is very idealistic, selfless, kind, and naive. Snow White has the ability to hear those in distress, which makes it easy for her to find those in need.

     Ripple: Is affected by her family issues causing her to act out in aggression. She also comes off as arrogant, reckless, and often times childish. Ripple is neither here nor there when it comes to taking magical girl duties. Although she may be proud, she still cares for people and her fellow magical girls. Her special ability reflects with her ninja persona, anything she chooses to throw will not miss it’s mark. She also carries a Shurikens and a Katana.

      Le Pucelle: Like Snow White she has always dreamt of becoming a magical girl. She has difficulty expressing her feelings, is calm, selfless, and is keeping a big secret. Le Pucelle carries a unique weapon, a sword that can be altered to any size at will. 

       HardGore Alice: A character troubled by her past that caused her to have negative feelings towards herself. The thought of taking her own life was strong until she ran into a magical girl. The encounter changed her train of thought and made her want to become one and seek out that magical girl. HardGore Alice is often perceived as scary and unapproachable when in reality she is just shy. She has an extraordinary ability that allows her to regenerate any wounds inflicted on her.

       Magicaloid 44: She is a character who is known to take the easy way out, is very intelligent, logical, selfish and great at manipulation. Her troubled past caused her to run away from home and live on the streets. She has the ability to conjure any object from the future but has a draw back of only once per day.

       Tama: She is very shy, cowardly, a pushover, and incredibly insecure. Her feelings make her into a follower, since she believes that she is only good at serving and following orders. This belief system was implanted into her from her upbringing, constantly being the shadow of her older sibling, she had no other choice but to give up on herself. Tama has the ability to create a hole 1 meter in diameter, and 5 meters deep onto any surface she scratches.

       Nemurin: She is always in good spirits, a ditz, selfless, lazy and sleepy. Her ability allows her to enter dreams, the dream world she travels through connects to everyone. Nemurin’s suggestions and actions that occur inside the dream will reflect the dreamer’s real life. She is able to influence them in positive ways and complete her Magical Girl Deeds.
      Minael & Yunael: Twin sisters with identical looks and personalities. They are both childish, rude, mischievous, and innocent but cynical at the same time. Minael and Yunael remain loyal to each other despite being in the competition.  Their ability allows them to shape shift, their abilities work differently. Minael can shape shift into inorganic object, while Yunael can shape shift into any organic being. 

       Swim Swim: She is a quiet, stoic, intelligent, manipulative, and strategic Magical Girl. Like Tama she is a loyal follower to her group, she caries out her orders no matter the demand. She has the ability to transform her water into a liquid, causing anything to flow through her, and she can pass through any object in her liquid form. Although she may seem invincible, she has a weakness like every other magical girl.

       Sister Nana: A pure of heart, optimistic character that has been a magical girl longer than some of the others. She is pro-active when it comes to helping others and her fellow magical girls. It is also no secret that she is in a loving relationship with Winter Prison. Sister Nana can increase the capabilities of any person she chooses, the draw back being that they must be within her sight.

       Cranberry: The Forest Musician, she reserved and isolates herself from others, minding her own business. She has a dark secret within herself. Cranberry has the ability to manipulate sound waves, this causes her to have an incredible sense of hearing. She can manipulate sound, emulate the voices of others, erase sound waves, and can create shock waves.

       Weiss WinterPrison: She is calm, loving, caring, stoic, and a strong fighter. The love she has for Sister Nana in the outside world still reflects as a magical girl, she stays by her side. Winterprison has the ability to create walls at a height of 2 meters, the width of 1 meter, and the thickness of 30 centimeters. She can also create multiple walls, stack them to create different sizes. The strength and the material of the wall depend on the terrain that is being used to create them and will be enhanced from her magic.

      Calamity Mary: The gunslinger magical girl, she is free spirited, unhinged, self-centered, alcoholic, and sadistic. She is very trigger happy which keeps everyone else away from her territory. Her past reveals a dark abusive nature. Calamity Mary’s ability allows her to enhance the capability of any weapon she wields. She can enhance the range, firing rate, and durability. Anything that Mary can us offensively is considered a weapon and can be enhanced.


       Top Speed: She is a full of life, positive, caring, sarcastic, jokester, and has a maternal instinct. That instinct made her a perfect fit to mentor Ripple, they’re often seen together and have a sisterly bond. As her name suggests, she has the ability to enhance the speed of her broom stick. The speed can even create sonic booms and can resist damage.

       Ruler: An egotistical character, that prefers not to get their hands dirty so sends out her followers to do the dirty work. Despite the way she treats her subordinates, she still cares deeply for them but often masks it with harsh words. The ability she has goes along with her character, her scepter grants her the ability to command others. How ever, there are conditions that must be meet for the ability to work. She must stand completely still, call the person’s name, point the scepter at them, be within 5 meters of them, and the person must understand the command. If any of the conditions are not carried out the magic is canceled and once the command is fulfilled, they are free.

       I have a lot of feelings when it comes to this anime, it was carried out beautifully. It was able to fully invest my attention and my emotions to the point where I found myself feeling every one of them to the fullest. I really do recommend this anime if you’re into magical girls, twists, and all out war but don’t make the same mistake I made.

       Don’t get attached. I started watching this show because I thought I was getting cute magical girls, but I got way more than intended. I still enjoyed every second of it though, I hope that they can make another season of it since there are spin off/continuation novels out there.

      I was unable to pick out a solid favorite from the group, I liked and got attached to a lot of them.  If I really had to pick who I enjoyed most it would be between Nemurin because of her personality and power and Top Speed because of her personality alone and costume. I also really enjoyed the relationship between Sister Nana and Winterprison, they make a really cute couple.

       If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading after the trailer. The next part is me venting with full out spoilers. If you’re into spoilers or have already seen the show, feel free to keep on reading.

       As the name of this segment suggests, this will contain spoilers. I have a lot of feelings when it comes to this particular series, so this is where I will let it all out. If you are not a fan of spoilers, stop reading.

       I broke the number one rule of anime or any story for that matter “Don’t get attached”. In my defense I went blind into this series and I genuinely thought I was going to get a cute story. This anime tore my heart apart. haha My girl Nemurin was to pure and she did not deserve what happened to her, I was gutted. La Pucelle was the best Magical girl, his death also had me gutted. He was doing his darn best, all he wanted was to be a pretty magical girl. Sorry I threw anyone off by not revealing his true identity, you’re suppose to find that on your own. 
       I didn’t care much for Snow white, Tama, Ripple, Magicaloid 44, Minael, Yunael, Swim Swim, Ruler. I’d gladly give them up to keep the other pure babies. Calamity Mary got what was coming to her, she deserved that death ten times over. With her abusive/drunken personality, taking out her frustration on her poor child. 
       Hardgor Alice was a pretty cool character, she was so misunderstood, all she wanted was to be friends with Snow White. I really didn’t expect things to go down how they did for her. As for Cranberry, I was torn, I’m not sure if I like her or hate her. She’s pretty neat but she’s also off her rocker, I also wasn’t expecting her fate to play out that way. I thought she would win again. 

       Now for the ones that really hit me in the feels and had me crying. Top Speed, I adored her character’s look and personality. She had a beautiful life outside of being a magical girl. Her husband loved her, she loved him, and they were expecting a child. They didn’t care, they took her life anyway. I was ugly crying over that injustice.

       I was fully invested in Sister Nana and Winterprison, I didn’t have much hopes for sister nana making it til the end but they had no business writing their ends like they did. Winterprison died for the love of her life, she loved nana so much she’d do anything and that broke nana. She didn’t take winterprisons death well and ended up taking her own life. It doesn’t end there though, she did it by hanging herself with the scarf she had given winterprison. Here I am trying not to get all worked up again over it.

       This anime really did a great job when it came to drawing your attention and emotions.


       Yes baby, yes they can. *Insert my ugly crying face*

Hunter X Hunter

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“You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.” – Ging Freecs

      Hunter X Hunter Vol.1 Manga Cover  In excitement for the release of Vol. 35, let’s dive into the world of Hunter x Hunter. I will break down the arcs in installments without giving too much away. Hunter x Hunter is written by Yoshihiro Togashi who is also notable for YuYu Hakusho.

        The series revolves around it’s young character Gon who decides to follow in his deceased father’s footsteps and become a Hunter at the tender age of 12.

        Which brings us to the first arc, The Hunter Exam. (Vol. 1-5)Gon has little to no experience in the world outside his little island(Whale Island). He has to go through a series of challenges in order to earn his title as “Hunter”, none of which are easy. Gon tenacity is put to the test in a dog eat dog competition in which only few get to pass or even survive to tell the tale. His social butterfly personality allows him to encounter three friendly faces amongst a sea of foes: Kurapika, a character plagued by revenge for his clansmen “The Kurta Clan”, Leorio a man whose goal is to thrive in the medical field to save countless lives, and my personal favorite Killua of the Zoldyck family of notorious assassins. However, standing out in the crowd has its disadvantages. Gon is also introduced to the wild card magician Hisoka, he is driven by selfish desire and blood lust. Our beloved characters must try and get through all phases alive to accomplish their goals. Will they get their license, or will they die trying?

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Hunter License

        There are different fields to pursue as a hunter. Beast, Blacklist, Botanical, Crime, Cute, Disease, Gourmet, Hacker, Head, Jackpot, Lost, Music, Paleograph, Poacher, Poison, Problem, Provisional, Ruins, Sea, Temp, Terrorist, and Treasure Hunter’s. These are exceptional people who have vast knowledge in their fields.

        The hunter’s who aim to be greater can earn stars to their rank. A one star is granted when a Hunter has produced a remarkable achievement in a particular field. Two stars are for the hunter’s who fulfill the first five articles of the Hunter bylaw, who hold an official position, and who have mentored one junior student who has received 1 star. Finally to get promoted to 3 Stars they must fulfill 6 of the bylaws, produce exceptional achievements in multiple fields.  It is a rare and difficult task to be awarded 3 stars, the amount of hunter’s with the honor are few.

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      Hunter-x-Hunter-HunterExam-TrialsGenerally, I base my Manga choices on three factors: Visual Appeal, Title, and the brief description on the back. I hardly ever look inside the manga, as I feel it takes away from the fun of the world unraveling itself to me. Hunter x Hunter caught my attention right away with a smiley Gon on top of a frog, I was baited. I picked up the volume with the thought that what I was getting was a feel good Manga, one in which a young boy sets off to follow in his father’s footsteps. Although Hunter x Hunter does have it’s feel good moments, I quickly realized that it was far more than that. It is filled with action, adventure, martial arts and a whole lot of feels. People will get hurt in this series, and blood will definitely be shed. This arc did a spectacular job in getting me hooked, so much so that I went out and bought volumes in bulks. Stay tuned for posts on the rest of the Hunter x Hunter arcs.