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Happy Sugar Life

July 22, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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      Satō Matsuzaka is a cute, popular high school girl with a dream of having a Happy Sugar Life. She has searched for the object of her affection through countless boy’s with no luck. Until Shio comes into her life, with her dreams finally coming true she will do anything to protect it no matter the cost…..even murder. 

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  • Japanese: ハッピーシュガーライフ Hepburn: Happī Shugā Raifu
  • Japanese manga written and illustrated by Tomiyaki Kagisora 
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Manga has 10 volumes
  • Volume one is currently out with Volume 2 set to release in August
  • Anime has 12 episodes

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       I first picked up the series on one of my many Barnes and Noble trips, the cute cover got my attention so of course I picked it up. As you all know I don’t flip through the books, Instead I glanced at the back and was sold with “murder” in bold letters. I’m a sucker for a cute cover and the promise of murder. 

         Volume one had recently been released at B&N, with only one volume out so far I can’t say if I like or don’t at the moment. I’m certainly in for a really fucked up Journey, I’m all interested to see where the series goes with all this. I’ll try to get my hands on volume two in August! If you like really fucked up anime/manga then join me on this wild ride of a series! I’ll keep you guys updated when volume two is in my hands!

         Spoilers: I have several thoughts on the series though and with that there will probably be spoilers of the first volume. At first I assumed that Shio was her little sister with all the love she felt for her, so far the affection she has for her still comes off sisterly to me. Turns out she actually kidnapped Shio. I’m gonna go on believing it’s sisterly and not something worse. Daichi, her teacher’s obsession for her was super weird and I really didn’t think it was necessary but we’ll see what happens with that. I was really hoping she’d kill the sick bastard. Now I feel really bad for Taiyō since he got held captive and raped by his boss but god damn why did he have to turn into a sick pedophile. I’m really hoping he get’s killed too haha. The boss was super fucked up too! To summarize all this, everyone is this series is really fucked up! 


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After the Rain

March 25, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

       After the Rain is written and illustrated by Jun Mayuzuki, the story follows a young high school girl by the name of Akira Tachibana. A beautiful girl, with a piercing gaze that can often be misjudged for being unapproachable. She used to be a star athlete on the track team, but her dream was forced to a halt when she suffered a leg injury. Being thrown into a whirlwind of depression Akira found herself caught in the rain that lead her to take shelter at a family restaurant. 

      Masami Kondo the manager of the restaurant noticed that Akira was sitting in a booth alone, deep in thought, as she stared out into the pouring rain. Concerned about the young girl, he decided to give her a free cup of coffee, in hopes of uplifting her spirit. This kind gesture left a positive impression on her, which lead her to take a part time job at the restaurant. 
     This Manga explores Akira’s daily life at school and work, her depression caused by a seemingly unreachable dream, and trying to understand her new found feelings towards Masami Kondo, a 45 year old divorced father who is now her boss.


       It’s difficult to find wholesome slice of life romance manga’s, and I couldn’t be happier with this find. Akira experiences feelings and situations we’ve all been through, which makes it easy to get enveloped by the story. There are currently 3 volumes out, with the 4th set to be released in June. An anime version is also out, I watched it on amazon prime, it’s worth it as well. The visual animation is simply stunning, there is only a sub version as of right now.  How ever, I’m slightly upset that they chose not to keep Masami’s bald spot.(haha)
      I can’t wait for June to come so I can get my hands on the next volume, I really want the best for Akira. I also love the fact that Masami Kondo is a sweet wholesome man that doesn’t sexualize her.  I personally hope they get together later on in their lives, I like their dynamic and the good they do for each other. I hope you guys take the plunge and check this one out, it’s a beautiful series.