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Made in the Abyss

July 19, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       A giant pit in the middle of the town of Orth is known as the Abyss. Many of the levels beneath are left unexplored, with relics, lost civilizations and extraordinary creatures. Not many are able to explore the depths of the Abyss, those brave enough are known as Cave Raiders. They are the brave adventurers that venture into the Abyss to bring back relics but venturing is everything but easy.

        Reiko lives at Belchero orphanage that teach their orphans everything they need to know about cave raiding, which opens the path to becoming one in the future. She dreams of becoming a White Whistle just like her mother, Lyza. Reiko takes the first step when discovering a strange robot boy on one of her expeditions, this may be the start of the exciting adventure she has been craving her whole life!

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  • Meido in Abisu
  • A Manga web series by Akihito Tsukushi and published by Takeshobo
  • Published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment with 8 volumes
  • Anime with 13 episodes and a sequel film to be released in 2020
  • Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • “The Curse of The Abyss” is something Cave Raiders must face upon ascension and can prove to be fatal. The deeper a cave raider goes, the more severe the effects of the curse.
  • Few who have descended to lower regions have returned 
  • Cave Raiders are distinguished by ranks (Whistles they carry)
  • Bell: Novices, those who are learning and have yet to adventure into the Abyss. Bells are usually given to young children.
  • Red Whistles: Apprentices, are rookies that have a decent amount of knowledge about the Abyss and have ventured at least into the first level. Going any further qualifies as rebellions and a rescue party is sent to retrieve them.  (Red Whistles who venture to the 2nd layer are labeled as suicide, and rescue parties are called off)
  • Blue Whistles: Adepts, more experienced who have managed to prove themselves as cave raiders. They are allowed to adventure down to the second layer. Blue whistles are capable of adequate self defense against some creatures in the Abyss. 
  • Moon Whistles: They are proficient cave raiders and have an extensive knowledge of the Abyss. They can venture down to the 3rd and 4th layer. Moon Whistles are often teachers that guide the newer generations.
  • Black Whistles: Experts, Incredibly talented Cave Raiders that have mastered many techniques of delving. They can venture to the 4th and 5th layers of the Abyss. At this depths ascension can cause insanity. Black whistles sometimes work under white whistles and assist in their expeditions. 
  • White Whistles: Legendary Cave Raiders, that have made life changing achievements with their discoveries. They are historically celebrated figures amongst the town. They are also granted titles (“sovereign of” or “lord of”) to fit with their unique persona. Any information that comes from a white whistle is considered a fact. They have no depth limit but are not imune to the curse, many keep to the 5th floor. Those that venture to the 6th, it is dubbed their Last Dive, and it is the most important mile stone to their career, since they are venturing into new untouched territory. 

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       When I first heard about the series, I didn’t think much of it, I thought it looked too cutesy and over looked it. It wasn’t until I sat down with my friends and had a good chat about recommendations that my interest got peaked. I looked everywhere for the series and struggled to find it, until I saw that VRV carried it through Hi Dive. HI DIVE has really awesome selection of Dub anime! and sub too, plus you get crunchy roll with it! 

       I gave two episodes a shot and sadly wasn’t too into it, I thought the series was going pretty slow for my taste. I stopped watching it for a while until I decided to give it another try. I pushed past the second episode, and I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely got better, it got interesting, and it even got dark! I wasn’t prepared for what the series was going to do to me.

       As the series went on, the story got a lot more deep and a hell of a lot darker than what it started with. It developed into something more than just cute looking characters. I found myself worried for the characters, sad when certain dark events happened and at some point I even got sucked into the whole series that when I reached the end I thought “Now What?”

        I’m super excited for the sequel film that releases in 2020, I can’t wait to see what happens to all the characters and if they get to have a happy ending, at this point it can go either way. I suggest you give it a shot, stick around for more than a couple episodes and you too will be pleasantly surprised!

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        No trailer, the ones I found online are filled with huge spoilers. Enjoy the really awesome opener! ❤

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