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Future Diary

July 26, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       Yukiteru Amano is a 14 year old recluse who spends most of his time writing in his Diary on his cell phone, with his only friends being those he imagines. To Yuki’s surprise these imaginary friends turn out to be the god of space and time Deus Ex Machina and his assistant Muru Muru. Deus grants Yuki a wonderful ability, his phone can now predict the future. Unknowingly, Yuki just accepted to be a part of a twisted survival game, between him and 11 other players who have also been granted “Future Diaries”.  The rule of the game is simple, eliminate the other diary holders and win the chance at becoming the next god. Yuki’s only chance at survival is teaming up with another contestant by the name of Yuno Gasai, a yandere.

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  • Japanese: 未来日記 Hepburn: Mirai Nikki
  • Japanese Manga written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Romance
  • Manga has 12 Volumes
  • Anime has 26 episodes +OVA
  • Live Action Tv Drama has 11 episodes that has an original plot, different from the main series.  
  • Side story Manga (Future Diary: Mosaic/Paradox/Redial) with 3 volumes that focus on Minene Uryu, Aru Akise and Muru Muru (alternate timeline), and an epilogue to the series.
  • Each diary varies in properties and functions depending on the holder’s personality, occupation and lifestyle. All the diaries have their pro’s and cons, some more so than others, and can be used without the diary owner’s consent should they fall into another’s hands. Because the diaries are written from the perspective of the holder’s future self, the future can still be misinterpreted and the diary entries can then turn out to be inaccurate. Each of the diaries have become the diary holder’s future, so if the diary itself is destroyed or broken, so too is the holder’s future.

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       Future Diary is definitely a favorite, I really enjoy the series and the story that comes with it. I’m always up for a survival series, especially one in which the main character depends on a cute psychotic character. It’s a really fun series to watch. Every time I call my cats name “Yuki” I always remember Future Diary, haha, his name didn’t come from it though. The series really threw me for a loop at the end, I couldn’t have expected those turn of events but none the less I was pleased. If you like crazy Yandere characters, and survival games this is a series you should check out.

       I have high hopes that some day I will run into the manga, so I can finally own and read it.😪😪😪  I saw the sub and the dub, I like both of them but I like Japanese Yuno more. She sounds way more psychotic and I love the way she says “Yuki”. 

Ps. Minene Uryuu is my second favorite character in the series besides Yuno. 

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Beyond The Boundary

July 12, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       A Japanese light novel by Nagomu Torii, with illustrations by Tomoyo Kamoi that was later adapted into an anime series.

       The story starts off when Akihito Kanabara rushes to stop a bespectacle beauty from jumping off the school building. Mirai Kuriyama thanks him by impaling him with a weapon made from her own blood. Akihito is an immortal half Yomu, the offspring of a supernatural creature and a human. Mirai is a spirit world warrior, they specialize in hunting Yomu to keep the world safe, she is also the last of her clan with cursed blood. She takes advantage of this one of a kind opportunity to practice killing Yomu with Akihito as her subject. The series follows their adventures, the evolution of their relationship, and their fight against an even stronger Yomu “Beyond the Boundary”.

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  • Yomu are creatures that are the manifestation of negative human emotions.
  • The Series has a total of 12 episodes and two movies.
  • Beyond the Boundary: I’ll be here (Past) is the movies that takes place before the main series. It focuses on the first encounter Mitsuki and Hiroomi Nasee have with Akihito. (Mirai isn’t in this film)
  • Beyond the Boundary: I’ll be here (future) is the movie that takes place after the events of the main series. 
  • Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Fantasy, Romance, sight comedy

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       Beyond the Boundary will always be one of my favorite series. When I first saw it I was instantly hooked, I would frequently re watch the series. I recently re watched the main series and the movies that go along with it. Mirai is still one of my favorite female characters of all time, she is incredibly relate-able and adorable. I always rooted for the relationship between her and Akihito.  

       The English dub isn’t the best, it takes a bit to get used to and the voice actress for Mirai changes for the movies. Which can throw you off after getting used to her original voice. There is also a couple loose ends in the series that I will always want the answers to. Who is Akihito’s father? What’s the real deal with his mother? Those would be two things I was hoping I would get answered in the movies but no go. Besides these issues, the series is still amazing.

       The series does not have a happy ending, which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to anime, but really sad for the viewer after growing attached to them. I recommend this series highly, and it will always be a must watch!

       Ps. I love this anime so much, that I’ve always wanted the box set that comes with Mirai’s glasses. 😢 One day!

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       No trailer for this one, all the ones I find give too much away. So enjoy the intro!

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Yona of the Dawn

July 8, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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        Yona of the Dawn takes place in the Kingdom of Kouka, and follows the story of the young princess Yona. She lives a sheltered care free life inside Hiryuu castle. Her pacifistic father seeks to protect Yona from the outside world to avoid losing her as he did her mother. She is also guarded by her childhood friend Hak. 

       One her sixteen birthday Yona let’s her father in on her dream to marry Su-Won her childhood friend and quickly gets denied. Yona determined to change her fathers mind, visits his chambers the same night, instead she finds herself with a horrific sight. Su-won the love of her life with a sword through her father (the king) chest. The man she had dreamt of marrying one day betrayed her to become Kouka’s next ruler. 

        Despite being over come with fear and loss, Yona manages to run away with Su-Won’s guards at her tail and nearly gets killed if it wasn’t for Hak intervening. Hak and Yona manage to escape to his birth place Fuuga, the capital of the wind tribe. There they meet with Hak’s grandfather who advised them to search for the priest named Ik-Su.

        Ik-Su tells them about the legend of the first king of Kouka (Hiryuu) and the four dragon warriors who together unified the kingdom.a The series follows Yona as she sets out to find the legendary dragon warriors to save her kingdom.

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  • Japanese manga series by Mizuho Kusanag
  • Manga has 29 volumes
  • Published by Viz Media
  • 18 volumes currently out with vol. 19 out in august 
  • Anime with 24 episodes and 3 ova episodes 
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
  • Draws inspiration from Japanese, Korean and Chinese culture
  • The kingdom of Kouka is made up of four tribes: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire

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       Yona of the Dawn is a series that I had seen as an anime before reading the manga. The anime was cut short and left plenty out, the manga is definitely a better way to go in this case.

       It was a series that was recommended to me by a nice girl who works at Barnes and Noble, I frequent it so much that her and I exchange recommendations every chance we get and this was one of them.

        The story is well thought out and written, it immediately grabs your attention and makes you want more. I love all the characters in the series, they are all well developed and interesting in their own right. Sinha’s story really got me feeling all kinds of sad emotions. I’m still hoping that Hak and Yona get together. 🤞 The series is full of action and adventure. I’m always wanting more after I read a volume, it’s one of the manga that I have to get when it releases. Definitely a must read!

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          I finally got my hands on volume 18 and read it last night and I have so many emotions. It was a beautiful volume that covers the past Dragon warriors and it gives Zeno’s back story too! Before this volume we didn’t know much about Zeno, other than him being powerless in comparison to the others. 

          Zeno was pretty much my least favorite of the bunch, but with this volume he is now higher than Gija and Jaeha. His story was incredibly heart wrenching, out of everyone else he had it the worst. I’m so ready for the next volume in august! 

          Spoilers ahead: Don’t read any further because I am going to go on a rant. Obviously if you’re reading past the red, you’re just nosy. 😜 Zeno is quite possibly the most amazing one of the bunch, and this is coming from someone who loves Sinha. I ruined things for myself by looking around the internet and finding photos of Zeno impaled, naturally I figured he’d die and was already hesitant on reading. Imagine my surprise when I find out my boy Zeno is basically an undying zombie boy with awesome regeneration! My butt cheeks were clenched with the fight scenes! With all that intensity they brought me back with flash backs to the first dragon warrior and that’s when the real feels began. Zeno has really had it rough! Ps. I squealed when Yona was happy over Hak smiling and that cute little head kiss he gave her! 👌🏻❤ Excuse the terrible photo I took but I was so hyped, I had to share!

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Ran and the Grey World

May 20, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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        Ran and the Grey world is written and illustrated by Aki Irie, published by Viz Media.
       When your mom happens to be the most powerful sorcerers to exist, the only one able to protect and keep the world safe, it’s perfectly normal to want to grow up and be like her. This happens to be the case with young  Ran Uruma who lives with her father and brother while her mom is away protecting the gate to keep evil out. Ran wishes more than anything to be like her mom, she has yet to fully control her powers (she’s only 10) but with the help of some sneakers, she can transform her body to an adult and can control her abilities better.

       The story follows young Ran in her adventures of growing up with magical powers and big shoes to fill. 


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        I have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to this manga. One of the huge selling points to me, was the art, the art is incredibly beautiful and is what got me to pick up the series in the first place. I enjoyed most of the story except when it came to what I feel is the biggest flaw and ruining factor of the series.

        There may be light spoilers to this rant but I believe it’s important to talk about this flaw and the problematic characters. Ran can transform her body to one of an adult but she is still a child. What bothered me in the series was the way she was sexualized by certain characters. Ran uses a portal from her room to another part of the house. Half of her body was stuck on one side, the rear end of her was exposed, which resulted in someone grabbing at her. That scene was wrong regardless, it made it much worse given her age, even if they didn’t know her true identity it shouldn’t have been brought to life in the book.


          The relationship between her and Outaro is the one that I am most bothered about. She lands outside his home, unconscious, and he finds the need to keep her trapped in his apartment. He is a very toxic character and a poor excuse of a villain type. A rich guy who can do and get away with what ever they want (even walking around completely naked). He is super creepy, incredibly obsessive/possessive/manipulative with Ran. A poor excuse for love/attraction, he is attracted to the way she looks, and often ignores the words “no”. His over all personality is just terrible and it gives me enough reason not to enjoy this series.

        Jin Uruma is the best character in the series, he is such a good older brother. Constantly trying to keep his sister in check, trying to keep the shoes away from her until she’s ready, trying his best to keep toxic people away. He has amazing powers, and is a total bad ass.

        I had high hopes for Ran and The grey world, I liked where it was going with a family full of magical beings and I was hoping it would be a good coming of age story that taps into the magical world. There are only three volumes out so far, but I have seen enough problematic events to make the decision to stop reading further. I stopped at the second volume. If I ever do decide to keep reading the series it would be for the art and to hopefully see “Jin” Ran’s older brother kick Outaro’s ass. 

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Love is Like a Cocktail

May 17, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

       Love is like a cocktail is a web manga series by Crystal na Yōsuke, that was animated into 12 episodes. The story revolves around the relationship of Chisato Mizusawa and Sora Mizusawa. Chisato lives a very professional office life, but when she comes home to her husband her demeanor changes with a drink. Her husband Sora is a lovable and caring husband who is also a bartender. Sora lovingly spoils “Chi-Chan” by making her delicious drinks and food. In this anime we get to take a peak at their relationship, and get an insight of the delicious cocktails Sora makes for Chisato.

       I found this anime on Crunchyroll while I was looking for new anime’s to bring into my blog. It caught my attention with it’s cover and the talks of alcohol, I usually see anime leaning more towards food than drinks. My interest was peaked, I figured I’d give it a shot and I’m glad I did. The relationship between Sora and Chisato is the sweetest most wholesome thing I have ever seen.

       The love they felt for one another was pure and easy to see. I enjoyed watching them interact with one another, I found myself smiling as I watched each episode. As ridiculous as it may be, I even found myself getting teary eyed with how beautiful this anime was. 
This anime only has one downfall, the episodes are only 3 min. long. I wish there was more and they were longer, but it’s an anime I’m glad I got to see. This anime is for those of you that like romance, want to see something real and un problematic, like alcohol, or just really want to see a good wholesome anime.

That Wolf-Boy is Mine!

May 13, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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       That wolf Boy is Mine is a series by Yoko Nogiri that was published by Kodansha comics. Komugi Kusonoki has a difficult time getting along with her classmates, for reasons she can’t control. An opportunity of a new life arises when her mother has to go away on a business trip, which would result in Komugi staying with her father in Hokkaido for a year..

        On her first day at a new school she managed to catch the eye of the school’s heart throb Yū Ōgami who tells her she smells good.  As she tries her hardest to adjust to her new school life, she runs into Yū doing off under a tree. She goes to try to wake him and to her surprise he turns into a wolf. Kmugi’s new life proves to be more than she bargained for, when she finds out that he is not the only one who can transform, so much for a shot at a normal school life.

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        I found this series on my search in finding new romantic comedy manga, and who doesn’t love an outlandish story with transformations. I was instantly hooked with the story, and breezed through the series. Unfortunately the only con to this series is that it is way too short with only four volumes so like many other short series it rushes the story. I really wish that the series could have had more volumes and really developed the story and it’s characters. I would have loved to read more stories with these characters in them. Despite being a short series, it still managed to be an entertaining read. The story was really cute and it’s super heartfelt and makes you feel happy. If you like romance, cute comedic moments, and characters transformations then you guys should check this one out. 

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Kukuriyo Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

May 3, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       Kukuriyo Bed and Breakfast for Spirits is a light novel by Midori Yūma and illustrated by Laruha. It was then adapted into an anime in 2018 with 26 episodes that can be found on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

       The series follows Aoi Tsubaki who has the amazing ability to see Ayakashi, she inherited this ability from her grandfather who passed away. He took care of Aoi and also taught her how to cook. One day she passes a Torii Shrine with an Ayakashi claiming to be hungry. Aoi is always one to give food to the Ayakashi in order to avoid problems or being eaten by one. This encounter did not end like the others, she ends up being spirited away into the hidden realm. 

        An ogre named Odanna is the one responsible for Aoi’s kidnapping, he then informs her that she is to be his bride. It is revealed to her that she is compensation for her grandfather’s outstanding debt. However Aoi is not one to be forced into marriage, she negotiates her way out. Aoi instead offers to work off her grandfathers debt at Tenjin’ya, the ogre’s inn.

       Aoi must endure her new life, the struggle of being human in an Ayakashi world, and pay off her debt while trying not to get eaten. We also get to meet the other employees and Tenjin’ya, some friendly and others who wish Aoi ill will.

       Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast for Spirits, is an anime that I did not expect to be as good as it was. I was blown away by the animation, the story, and the characters. I’m always a sucker for anime/manga that have Ayakashi in them, or any talks of romance. This anime is a little different when it comes to romance though, it is more of a secondary topic.

       The anime focuses more on Aoi’s independence and how she changes the lives of the people she comes into contact with through her passion. Her passion takes a huge role in the anime, Aoi loves to cook and we see alot of it in the series. It will make you hungry and wanting a bite to eat. Worry not though, there is romance in this series, and I’m eager to see what happens next.

        I was watching the episodes every week as soon as they came out, I was hooked! So hooked, that when they started releasing a Manga version, I bought it. If you like fantasy, food, comedic moments, and romance, then you should check it out!

         Ps. Ginji is my favorite💖 He is a precious baby in all his forms.

Kamisama Kiss

April 29, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

       Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita) is written and illustrated by Julietta Suzuki. The story revolves around Nanami Momozono a young girl who’s life got turned upside down. Her father has an outstanding gambling debt which ultimately resulted in debt collectors seizing their home.

       Nanami’s father skips town and leaves her all alone with no place to stay and no one to turn to. She settles on a park bench for her new sleeping arrangements, but fate has something else in store for her. She runs into a peculiar man hanging onto the highest part of a tree, this man “Mikage” was fleeing from a dog. Nanami decides to step in and save him, Mikage offers his home as gratitude. Desperation drives her to accept the offer not knowing what it would bring.

     In exchange for her new home, Nanami had unknowingly accepted to take Mikage’s place as the new shrine deity. How ever, there are many out there who detests that a lowly human would be in such a position. One of those being the familiar of the shrine Tomoe, a fox yokai who despises humans. 

      Through ought the manga we watch Nanami face the difficulties of being a human deity. She encounters many challenges, other deity’s, all sorts of evil, juggling school, and the difficulties of falling in love with her human hating familiar. We also get to see why Tomoe hates humans, his dark past, and we see how he deals with Nanami’s feelings.

kamisama Kiss-Nanami-Tomo



    Kamisama Kiss

      Kamisama Kiss is easily my favorite fantasy romance manga. I started off by watching the anime but at the time there was only one season, it was so good that I needed more. Which lead me to read the manga, the manga conveys much more detail, story, and emotion. It’s crazy hard to find the dubbed anime in it’s entirety with great quality. Funimation only has season one, and the anime never reached it’s conclusion, the ending was made into ovas(Which are even harder to find).

      The manga goes from vol. 1-25, of course being as extra as I am I got the special edition Vol. 25 that comes with a hard cover picture book and bonus story. The Bonus story is a time jump into their lives, it was beautiful.

       I instantly loved the connection/tension there was between Tomoe and Nanami, I really felt the struggle of her emotions of an unattainable love. It was also interesting watching her deal with the struggles of being human in a world filled with spirits and evil beings. I cried so much with this manga, both happy and sad tears. Every character in this manga was well thought out, the story was beautiful, and I truly could not get enough. I will always recommend this one, re-read and re-watch what I can.

Bonus Input: My favorite character is Numano Himemiko, she is the most precious baby. If anyone ever finds merch of her, please send it my way!

Love To-Lie-Angle

April 19, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

       Love To-Lie-Angle is a yuri manga series by Merryhachi that was adapted into an anime. The character at the center of it all is Natsuno Hanabi. She returns to her home town to attend high school, in the country side after six long years. Due to a mistake in her living arrangements she ends up at an apartment building “Tachibana House”. On her very first day she meets her house mates in the most embarrassing salacious ways.

       In this series we witness love unfold among the characters, two primarily falling for Natsuno. A childhood friend and the sweet but pervy new comer, which one will win her heart?

       I am no stranger to lewd-ish romance anime, I enjoy these as any other cultured person would….haha. This series has 12 episodes and each are around the 3 min mark. It’s easy to breeze through and even easier when the content is entertaining. I enjoyed this adorably lewd anime, there were only three things I did not like. The first one being the length of each episode. The second being the censors, they could have been done better. I am not a fan of giant white lines covering the screen, there were a few well thought out censors, like a arms covering areas. I wish they had more like that. The last reason being a spoiler so I can’t really talk about it here but I will further down. I’m really hoping for a second season, no news on if and when that’ll happen, but here’s hoping.

 I couldn’t find you guys a trailer, so here is the first episode.♥

       Alright so as the name of this segment suggests, this is where I can freely rant about the series with tons of spoilers. So if you arn’t interested in that stop reading here. I only have one thing to talk about which is the other thing I didn’t like about the series.

      Now first thing’s first, if you’ve seen this before, you have to be as upset as I am with that ending. haha How are they going to leave me with that cute cliff hanger, Natsuno didn’t pick anyone. I better get a season two with her decision. I’m rooting for my pervy girl Iori. Any one else team Iori?♥

DRAMAtical Murder

April 12, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

       DRAMAtical Murder is a visual novel, an interactive game that allows you to submerse yourself in a text-based story with visual animation and music. The choices you make in the game’s will affect the out come of the story. This particular game was published and developed by Nitro+Chiral and later received an anime adaption by studio Naz.
       Midorijima an island bought by a very powerful and influential company, it was the home to many citizens. The company had major plans for the island, it was to become a utopia for the wealthy “Platinum Jail”.  The original inhabitants were relocated to the Old Residential District, while renovations were made to the island, but were abandoned even after the fact.

     The citizens have been forced to lead new lives, some resorting to joining a gang. Gang wars were settled in a game called “Rib”, but then became obsolete when a game called “Rhyme” came into play. Rhyme quickly became popular among gang members and regular citizens. It is a technologically advanced game, where participants can engage in virtual battle. In order to play the game, the user must have an “All-Mate”, an AI that manifests itself in the form of an animal. The game must be mediated by a “Usui” which is similar to an All-Mate, but in a more human form that serves as the judge.  

       The story revolves around amnesia ridden Aoba Seragaki, who works at a junk shop, his closest companion is his All-Mate Ren, and lives with his grandmother. He couldn’t be more content, as he has no interest in joining any gang or game. As he continues to suffer from head aches, encountering new faces, and dealing with existing ties. His peaceful lifestyle comes to a halt when he’s dragged into a Rhyme match and finds out rumors of players disappearing. The series follows Aoba as he try’s to piece the memories of his past back together, and make sense of everything happening around him. 

       Let me start off by saying that, I saw this anime back when it first came out in 2014. Back then, I loved it, I lived for it so I went in with the same mentality. I attempted to re-watch this and it didn’t go how I had hoped. I was a couple episodes in and it felt forced, I wasn’t into it anymore. The story progressed slowly, information was all over the place, not enough character development, and not enough BL or any implications that it belongs in the genre. 

       I haven’t played the game, but from all the reviews I read, the fans weren’t happy with the adaption. So, not only did it not appeal to existing fans, it was difficult for a non fan to hop on board. I live for these types of anime/manga, give me gorgeous characters and I will eat that shit up, so I was pretty bummed when my interest wasn’t the same. I gave up finishing it after a couple episodes in to watch something else.

       How ever, the silver lining of this whole thing, at the 2018 Anime expo it was announced that the visual novel would be released in English. So ya girl is super excited for that, I’m going to make all those cute boys fall for that gorgeous blue haired beauty. Who am I kidding though, I’m going to heavily pursue that angsty hacker boy Noiz. I’m still going to obsess over the characters and how precious they are. 🤷‍♀️