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Future Diary

July 26, 2019 | Anime | No Comments

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       Yukiteru Amano is a 14 year old recluse who spends most of his time writing in his Diary on his cell phone, with his only friends being those he imagines. To Yuki’s surprise these imaginary friends turn out to be the god of space and time Deus Ex Machina and his assistant Muru Muru. Deus grants Yuki a wonderful ability, his phone can now predict the future. Unknowingly, Yuki just accepted to be a part of a twisted survival game, between him and 11 other players who have also been granted “Future Diaries”.  The rule of the game is simple, eliminate the other diary holders and win the chance at becoming the next god. Yuki’s only chance at survival is teaming up with another contestant by the name of Yuno Gasai, a yandere.

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  • Japanese: 未来日記 Hepburn: Mirai Nikki
  • Japanese Manga written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Romance
  • Manga has 12 Volumes
  • Anime has 26 episodes +OVA
  • Live Action Tv Drama has 11 episodes that has an original plot, different from the main series.  
  • Side story Manga (Future Diary: Mosaic/Paradox/Redial) with 3 volumes that focus on Minene Uryu, Aru Akise and Muru Muru (alternate timeline), and an epilogue to the series.
  • Each diary varies in properties and functions depending on the holder’s personality, occupation and lifestyle. All the diaries have their pro’s and cons, some more so than others, and can be used without the diary owner’s consent should they fall into another’s hands. Because the diaries are written from the perspective of the holder’s future self, the future can still be misinterpreted and the diary entries can then turn out to be inaccurate. Each of the diaries have become the diary holder’s future, so if the diary itself is destroyed or broken, so too is the holder’s future.

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       Future Diary is definitely a favorite, I really enjoy the series and the story that comes with it. I’m always up for a survival series, especially one in which the main character depends on a cute psychotic character. It’s a really fun series to watch. Every time I call my cats name “Yuki” I always remember Future Diary, haha, his name didn’t come from it though. The series really threw me for a loop at the end, I couldn’t have expected those turn of events but none the less I was pleased. If you like crazy Yandere characters, and survival games this is a series you should check out.

       I have high hopes that some day I will run into the manga, so I can finally own and read it.😪😪😪  I saw the sub and the dub, I like both of them but I like Japanese Yuno more. She sounds way more psychotic and I love the way she says “Yuki”. 

Ps. Minene Uryuu is my second favorite character in the series besides Yuno. 

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Happy Sugar Life

July 22, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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      Satō Matsuzaka is a cute, popular high school girl with a dream of having a Happy Sugar Life. She has searched for the object of her affection through countless boy’s with no luck. Until Shio comes into her life, with her dreams finally coming true she will do anything to protect it no matter the cost…..even murder. 

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  • Japanese: ハッピーシュガーライフ Hepburn: Happī Shugā Raifu
  • Japanese manga written and illustrated by Tomiyaki Kagisora 
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Manga has 10 volumes
  • Volume one is currently out with Volume 2 set to release in August
  • Anime has 12 episodes

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       I first picked up the series on one of my many Barnes and Noble trips, the cute cover got my attention so of course I picked it up. As you all know I don’t flip through the books, Instead I glanced at the back and was sold with “murder” in bold letters. I’m a sucker for a cute cover and the promise of murder. 

         Volume one had recently been released at B&N, with only one volume out so far I can’t say if I like or don’t at the moment. I’m certainly in for a really fucked up Journey, I’m all interested to see where the series goes with all this. I’ll try to get my hands on volume two in August! If you like really fucked up anime/manga then join me on this wild ride of a series! I’ll keep you guys updated when volume two is in my hands!

         Spoilers: I have several thoughts on the series though and with that there will probably be spoilers of the first volume. At first I assumed that Shio was her little sister with all the love she felt for her, so far the affection she has for her still comes off sisterly to me. Turns out she actually kidnapped Shio. I’m gonna go on believing it’s sisterly and not something worse. Daichi, her teacher’s obsession for her was super weird and I really didn’t think it was necessary but we’ll see what happens with that. I was really hoping she’d kill the sick bastard. Now I feel really bad for Taiyō since he got held captive and raped by his boss but god damn why did he have to turn into a sick pedophile. I’m really hoping he get’s killed too haha. The boss was super fucked up too! To summarize all this, everyone is this series is really fucked up! 


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The Promise Neverland

July 15, 2019 | Manga | No Comments

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       The Promise Neverland takes place in the year 2045 with Emma, Norman, and Ray living in an orphanage with 37 other orphans. The orphans live a life of luxury with scrumptious food, clean clothes, comfortable beds, excellent education and an abundance of love from their care taker (Mother) Isabella. Gracefield house is the home where the orphans happily spend their days playing, growing, and learning until they find a new home. With only one rule in place, Never venturing far from the grounds or gate that connects the orphanage to the outside world. Two of the brightest children will soon discover the dark truth of Gracefield house and the outside world. 

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  • Japanese Manga written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu
  • 14 volumes, most recent 10 with Vol. 11 to release in August 
  • Licensed by Viz Media 
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller
  • Anime adaption of  12 episodes with season two set to release in 2020

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       The Promise Neverland was one of those series that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When reading the back of the manga, I wasn’t sure how dark the series was going to get. The series really does push it to a point that has you at the edge of your seat. I could never pin point what was going to happen and that makes for an amazing series. I was constantly feeling frustrated with some of the choices they made and didn’t, I was cheering for them every step of the way.

        One of the things that I really enjoy about the series is that it doesn’t get old. The story continues to deepen, even when you think it’s close to coming to an end, the material is constantly keeping you on your toes and wanting more. With volume 10 out and 11 set to be released in August, I’m incredibly excited to see what’s going to happen next!

         I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good twist to a story, if you want to get lost in a world filled with adventure, fantasy, thrills, and darkness. If reading isn’t your thing, the anime is just as great! I really loved how close they kept to the manga so far, and watching it all animated was really exciting! 

         Ps. Ray and Emma are my faves! 👌🏻❤

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       Spoilers, obviously: This new arc of the series is a really good one, they do a really good job in keeping their reader hooked.We are at the point where there is more evil out there than just the orphanage, and the meat farm it was. Now they have to deal with monsters that hunt children for sport, and that in itself is super interesting.

         With the latest volume 10, Emma is still without her main group on the hunting ground. She is determined to end the hunt with her new pals once and for all, and hopes to return back to her family. The kids already have a plan ready to unleash, and now it’s time to execute it. They break up into groups so they can each take down one of the monsters, a difficult task since they are intelligent creatures who love the sport.

         There were casualties on both ends but I felt like the fighting lacked some unf, if you catch my drift. I feel like it got good near the very end, at that point I was like wait, don’t end now. 😂 It ended right before the final show down got good. I’m interested to see what happens with Norman though, until August I guess!

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Magical Girl Apocalypse

April 1, 2019 | Manga | No Comments


      Magical Girl Apocalypse is an action-horror manga written and illustrated by Kentarō Satō. The manga has 16 volumes out with a spin off series Magical Girl Site. A twist on the typical magical girl story that begins with Kii Kogami, a normal high school freshmen who becomes bored of his same old routine. He wishes for more excitement, but as they say “Be careful what you wish for”.

      As Kentarō gazed outside the school window, he still longed for a more entertaining life. What he witnessed that day was something truly terrifying, a teacher confronting a sweet little girl. With a swift hit to the head, the teacher’s head exploded. Kentarō quickly makes his way to the restroom to gather himself, but when he returns he finds that his classmates met the same fate.
       Magical girls like the one he had seen before are now terrorizing the whole world, killing everyone in sight. Now he and other survivors must do everything they can to stay alive and find out the events that lead to the devestation.


       Magical girl apocalypse was a rare find at one of my many Barnes and Noble adventures. My boyfriend was the one to pick up the manga, I wasn’t interested until he showed me a photo of the brutal carnage that was inside it, I was instantly won over. There are 16 volumes out now, but I only have up to Volume 9. 

       I loved this manga in the beginning but when reaching a certain point in the series, I began to get bored and lose interest. I personally feel that it was being dragged out way too much, and the ending should have been at an earlier volume. I have mixed feelings when it comes to this series, I have likes and dislikes, but I do feel you guys should check it out and see for yourselves since the series was good enough to get a spin off.  One really cool thing, was seeing all the different Magical girls and their powers. You guys will really get a kick out of them!



March 18, 2019 | Manga | No Comments



      Murciélago, is written by Yoshimurakana and published by Yen press. It is a gruesome, sexually explicit manga about Kuroko Koumori a former mass murderer. Kuro has a death count of 715 people since childhood and struck a deal with the police to be their hit man. It’s safe to say that Kuroko enjoys her job. She along with her partner Tozakura Hinako hunt and solve cases that are too much for police to handle, ones that involve other serial killers. In this series we follow along as they encounter and fight different killers, sometimes with the help of new friends/lovers. These girls are a force to be reckoned with, which makes every battle exciting.

      Kuro is a deathly skilled fighter, intelligent, perverted, and a sucker for a pretty girl.  She has a girlfriend Chiyo Yanaoka, whose father is a yakuza boss, strong in her own right. How ever, this does not stop Kuro’s overly flirtatious ways. They both clearly have feelings for one another more so than just sexual interactions.

       Her partner in crime Hinako is a bubbly high school student, who has a need for speed. She loves anything with an engine, is childish and a bit of an airhead. Through out the series we find out that there is more to her than we originally thought, a possible darker side.

      This manga is not for everyone, it has explicit content, nudity, sex, and gory murders. If you’re old enough, enjoy yuri, don’t mind sexual content, and can handle gruesome deaths, then this is the manga for you. I’ve enjoyed all the volumes that have been released so far. Vol. 1-9 are already in stores, and vol. 10 is set to come out in April. The manga comes wrapped in plastic which is always a good sign for me. Murcielago is written and drawn beautifully, I hope it continues to be exciting as it has been. Don’t worry, it’s not hentai, nothing too outrageous is shown.