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June 19, 2019 | Lifestyle | 2 Comments

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       Let’s get a little personal on this week’s post and talk about dreams. Today we  focous on two really funny wtf one’s I had this past week. I’m no stranger to weird dreams, I have them often and I remember every detail. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I’m not even in the dream but spectating. I’ll share those really crazy one’s at another time. 

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          First off is the less crazy one. I’m out and about when all of a sudden I run into Seth Rogen! Such a super random moment in itself. So, I start to panic because this man is fuckin hilarious and lets face it no one knows how to act or what to do when they meet someone famous. How ever, I’m in a panic for a totally different reason. Why you ask? Because dummy me forgot my bong, and how am I gonna meet fuckin Seth Rogen without having a bong for him to sign! The whole dream is me panicking over the fact. 

       For what it’s worth, I don’t own a bong and it’s frowned upon here in Hawaii. After days of thinking as to why I would have this dream, I came to the conclusion that what did it was those GQ photos circulating the internet. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

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         Now this dream really had me trying to piece it all together and I still haven’t figured out what got me to even dream such a dream. So it starts off at a really fancy home, my best friend Steph and I are hanging out at the pool. Apparently we’re besties with Kylie and Kendall Jenner because there they are chillen with us common folk.

        We’re all having a grand ol’ time, just kicking at the water since now we’re just sitting with just our feet in the water. So Kylie mentions to me something about a proposal she saw on her Instagram. Apparently I didn’t care enough to pay attention since I was more fixated on the house next door and the random ass Christmas lights on their balcony. I’m not sure why them, but I like the two so I’m not even gonna question it further.

       Then all of a sudden, The Jonas Brothers are on the balcony and start singing some song. It’s the strangest thing because I don’t know anything about them, I don’t listen to them, or know any of their music. All I know is one of them sings that damn cake by the ocean song, and I seriously thought it was about enjoying a nice slice of cake by some good scenery. (It sounds amazing) but then ya’ll tell me it’s about eating god damn ass. I still can’t even with any of that.

        I also know that Joe is married to Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark from GOT) and I know they sang that one song in Meet the Robinson’s. That’s all I know though, so TELL ME WHY they’re in my dream haha. It could be that I saw them appearing in the new All That reboot, but who knows.

       After I see this car come up to the house through the fence and for some reason it has lights and Christmas lights all over. Talk about ridiculous haha So I go inside the house to run into my father. My dream father is Enrique Rocha who plays LeΓ³n Bustamante in Rebelde. Pretty much my favorite Novela haha. As of now, he is my real dad, no questions asked. When ya’ll ask me who my dad is, there you go.haha

        My dream dad opens the door for James (My boyfriend) and so he then proceeds to propose to me. He gives me the biggest ring you’ve ever seen, bigger than my finger. (Super dramatically big) The ring itself is the most random thing, it’s a giant green gem of a thing, with a crescent moon at the side. Totally not my style except for the moon, to add to the weirdness there is a picture of a cobra inside.πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Talk about really tacky and random, but apparently dream me it’s this shit up. I have no idea where that image of a ring cam from or the meaning of it.  Then I wake up.

       The end..I’ll probably share more of my weird dreams as they come.πŸ‘

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